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  • Maxxis ADvantage – any good?
  • Want em for Sherwood Pines and peaks riding mainly.

    Looking for something light, fastish bit still grippy when it gets a bit damp (got mud x for when its a bog)



    Very good for peaks, not ideal for pines when its a bit soft.. they drag


    There the best tyres i have ever ran on rocky stuff, i always just assumed XC tyres just didnt have grip till i used these, they seem to wear well too, definately a good buy!

    Yep, i’ve run them front and back and they’re fantastic. I’ve got the 60a 2.25 on the front and its brilliant, i’ve never cornered more um, recklessly than i do now 🙂

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    Dire on the front in the mud. Can’t think of any reason why I’d run one instead of a High Roller if given the choice. Still using them up untill recently on my hardtail. But not ideal. Seem fine on the back though


    I love mine !
    I have front and back, never slipped on anything, and can out-pin a set of Conti verticals on wet slippy grass *(my mate was gutted !)*

    Fast rolling, confident cornering, and i’d dare to say the best all round XC tire for UK condition !

    IMHO !!!!!

    cracking tyres. my favourite, along with crossmark (for faster bikes)


    But can anyone find them in UST…?

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    But can anyone find them in UST…?

    Yup. Have fitted them, but not ridden yet – hope to tomorrow. A bit smaller than I’d prefer; it’d be great of they did, say, the 2.25 in (L)UST.


    I’m very impressed with mine.

    the spesh eskar 2 bliss are a very similar tread and are tubeless bead


    HR front, Ignitor at the back. Smashing.

    I like them – come up nice and big although I think the volume is at the expense of a bit of beef on the sidewalls. They seem a bit thin. Saying that I’ve not torn one yet. I like them on the back with a high roller up front – the high roller grips better, esp when conditions are moister.

    My favourite all round tyres, plump enough for rocks, fast enough for dry trails, good lines of side knobs for cornering (like all maxxis).

    And cheap!


    very happy with mine, lots of grip compared to the Conti gravity’s i had on before them.


    I’m with fanylion, HR up front, advantage out back.

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