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  • trail_rat

    Cheers rorsharch

    Always had the joy of the great mavic warrenty on all the mavics we sold. Never had the pleasure of opening them up.


    They make hope look complicated!!!


    Mavic freehub on the mrs bike. The outer lip of the bush – the rim of the top hat if you like has broken off.

    To my unmavically trained eye it doesnt look like the rim does much except for facilitate fitting….

    Cant find this part on its own though just as an eye wateringly expensive bearin kit although i have poor googlefoo and just keep throwing up chat about folk wanting to fit a bearing at this point.

    wheels are 2010 mavic crossides and one know where i can get hold of one ?


    Not quite sure if your issue is the same as mine. The PTFE bushing, shown in the post above, had worn so there was a lot of angular play. I fitted a hubdoctor kit. It made the hub feel better than it was when it was new. The metal hub body is re-used so needs to be intact.
    Mavic hubdoctor

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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