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  • Mavic Crossmax SX 2008
  • Reign_Man
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    Anyone got a set of these and how do you rate them? Was going to get some 819’s with hope pro 2 built but I might be able to get the crossmax sx cheaper and the 819 may be a little too narrow

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    The 08’s had issues, you could pop the spokes out of the hub flanges if you landed too heavy or had sloppy spokes, due to them being open ended. and the freehubs are generally regarded as being completely shit. Only two sets of pawls and it uses the same fluro ring at the end of the freehub body/ flange side as the kysirium ES does, ie not built for impact loads.

    if you aren’t going to be dropping on them they hold up ok, suitable for all mountain, but not a DH/FR suitable wheel, even though the strengths is way up there and the rims are superb.

    The 09’s however, now there’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. A true heavy duty AM wheelset.

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    Cheers for that, Might get some 819’s or 823’s built up then. The 09 crossmax’s do look pretty good though,

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    I run 823’s on pro2, they ain’t light but they are strong!

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    I ran the SX’s for 110 days over here (I guide for a living in BC), and they were awesome. Had to clean the hub out twice. It took about 3 minutes to do, and I did it trailside. Wasn’t a big deal, and it only requires a couple of allen keys and that pin tool they come with.

    No spoke problems at all. I had that issue with the older DeeMax wheels but no issues like that whatsoever with the newer Zicral spokes. The new hubs look like a real improvement though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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