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  • ricky2coats

    Hi – I have got a pair of Mavic Crossmax STs 29ers on my full sus Canyon that’s only 4 months old. Whilst riding round my local trail, one of the spokes on the drive side rear snapped. Annoying, but simple to replace. Trued the wheel as best I could using a bit of cardboard and the spoke pinging method until everything looked straight and sounded right.

    Then, 5 miles of riding later, another spoke on the drive side rear snapped (about 3 round from the first one). Broke in the same place too – about 5mm away from the hub.

    So what is going on, and what should I do about it? Dodgy batch of spokes? Does the whole wheel need re-spoking? Or is it just really bad luck and I should just replace the broken one and hope for the best? IF the whole wheel needs re-spoking, is it a LBS job, or do I need to send it to Mavic?

    For the record, I’ve ridden that trail 100 times or more on a 29er hardtail with black flag pros on it and never so much as thought about spokes or truing – checked the BFs with my cardboard-ometer and pinging method last night and they’re still perfect. Are the crossmaxs just an expensive pair of dogs eggs?


    I have two pairs of those wheels, one set six months old on a Canyon, one 18months old on a hardtail Cotic. Both are true and tight, never had any problems with spokes. I would suggest talking to Canyon and they will almost certainly suggest taking to your local Mavic dealer.
    Strangely the first ones I put on the Cotic were Black FlagPro’s the rear wheel lost all tension and so had a pringle for a rear rim within two weeks, took to LBS who said they had fundamental build problem and so I got a full refund. The Crossmax’s are so much stiffer and lighter


    Thanks Jim. I did contact Canyon after the first spoke broke and they said they could send the wheels to Mavic for an assessment on my behalf, but that in their experience Mavic will refuse in the case of broken spokes as there’s no way to tell whether the wheels have been abused. Then I would have to foot all the postage costs. Unfortunately, my “local” mavic dealer is 30 miles away, but I’ll give them a call and see what they say.


    If they are 4m old and Mavic have ‘no way of telling if they have been abused’ then Mavic lose. It’s the law, learn it.


    Mavic ST 29er Spokes Mavic wheels come with a 2 year warranty, so it might be worth giving their customer service department a ring.

    Otherwise if you get stuck for these spokes, I stock them and sell them individually


    if a spoke snaps on a mavic wheel you shouldn’t just replace one spoke and true it, you should take the tension out of the whole wheel then replace the spoke and then retension and true the the whole wheel.

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    Really? That’s kind of terrible.

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