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  • cruzer

    Decided that its time to replace my DXs and fancy a change. Stumbled across the new Mavic shoe and quite like the look of it. Has anyone got a set? Whats the fit like?


    Who cares, they look AWESOME

    If it wasn’t for the price, i’d have had a set rather than the AM45’s I’ve just bought.


    cant disagree with that! just wanted to know how they fit as several reviews said they were slightly narrow


    They come up around a size small. I am normally a Euro 43 in most cycling shoes and needed a 44 in the Crossmax. They don’t seem particularly narrow just generally small.

    The shoes are built by salomon, funnily I also take a size up from my normal size in their trail shoes as well.

    I’ve got a pair. Great shoes but the release lever on the buckle has snapped off both shoes on my pair. I’m having to get them off with a flat bladed screwdriver. I’ll get round to sending them back under warranty some time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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