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  • d45yth

    It depends. Was the freehub still stiff before you tightened everything back up? If so, you’ll know that’s it’s just the bushing (will either wear in or you could take some emery tape to it). If it spun freely (which it should have with a non-oversize bush), you’ve either missed the washer out or tightened things up too much.


    it was stiff before it was tightened , the bush on its own is a much tighter fit than the “yellow” one i removed – its an aftermarket unit off ebay USA so its probably the wrong size.

    the washers in there.

    and i can assure you its not too tight , its just snugged – the bearings are all smooth as owt as well so its not binding on them.

    ill stick it on my own bike for a bit and see if it wears in


    following on from a thread a few weeks back where we decided i needed to replace the freehub bush…. ive since aquired a pair of Standard size bushes for the freehub.

    i fitted one with new bearings and some mineral oil and the freehub is stiff BUT it does turn.

    will this free off with time/use ?

    Reminds me why i use hope and shimano hubs ….. i know them inside out 😀

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    I got a new freehub put on my Crossmax Enduros- which I think use basically the same hub- and it was smooth and lovely from day 1. Might be a ymmv thing though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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