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  • mavic alpine xl shoes – anything similar by another brand?
  • Premier Icon keefmac

    as above really. thinking about getting a set of these next month in time for my new bike arriving but wondering if anyone knows of any other brand doing something similar?


    I’ve had the non-XL version Alpine for two months.
    I’m new to riding clipped-in but spent some time during the summer using AM45’s and didn’t get on with them at all. They felt like clogs.
    The Alpine’s are a revelation! They fit snugly with no pressure points and the insole is very comfy.
    My rides often involve some walking and the Alpines have plenty of grip especially on steep and wet ground compared to five tens. They cope well on open rock face too.
    I’d like them to keep the water off my toes but moisture can get out as easily as it gets in so they never become swamped.

    Premier Icon keefmac

    thanks GG,

    Premier Icon Leku

    I have the Alpine XL shoes and love them. They are really robust and seem to be lasting really well.

    When these die I’ll get another pair.

    Premier Icon dmorts

    They’re great.


    I do love mine fpor the reasons above although I’m worried about the longtivity of the drawstring


    Similar in which way: The white stormtrooper with lacesaver look or a decent hike-a-bike sole with some ankle protection?

    All the non-disco slipper Mavic shoes have the Salomon Contagrip soles, which are great FWIW.

    Otherwise Gaerne Etna shoes are mid height and have a Vibram sole, so aren’t far off as an alternative.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Specialized Rime. 😀

    I had the Alpine XLs – they only lasted a ten day trip in the Alps until the stitching started to come away at a couple of points and the sole at the toe started to come away from the shoe. Big up to Chain Reaction who gave me a refund after they sat in my cupboard for the best part of a year. The sole isn’t particularly stiff so I found them not as comfortable as I had hoped compared to previous hikey bikey shoes I have used / destroyed. Hopefully, mine were a one off but once bitten and all that.


    Premier Icon keefmac

    ocrider – i was more after something of a similar spec not necessarily a look-a-like. will check out the Gaerne’s, ta.


    Five ten maltese falcon. On offer at jejames at moment with an extra 10% off today. Are pretty true to size.


    Sanny – Specialized Rime

    Sorry to hijack, but been looking at the Rimes as replacements for my Tahoe’s which have done well but are now starting to fall apart.

    Be good to get your thoughts on these too?

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