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  • Maverick sc32 owners question!
  • whytetrash

    1. No it will pop back in, they just do this occaisionally

    2. bit too long winded to reply, go to the owner tech section on their website, you can download a colour owners workshop manual, its ace total stripdown and rebuild info, needs 5wt oil and some basic workshop tools for a clean up and oil change, not difficult at all

    Good luck

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    Search has been done and its an air leak 🙁


    A small syringe is also very helpfull for not getting oil everywhere when refilling!


    I had the same thing happen to my DUC32's. It was great fun cleaning the caliper with a tooth brush after being covered in fork oil!

    I contacted TF and Extra UK who both no longer service Maverick Forks but suggested contacting Sideways Cycles.

    Spoke to a guy called Tim who was pretty helpful and chilled out about sorting them. I had them replace the seal, service them and replace a stanchion guard for about £80 posted back which I thought was pretty reasonable. Also a lot cheaper than sending back to the US.

    I'm not sure if there is a way of reducing with chance of the seal blowing off again. Maybe adding a couple mls of oil if you bottom the fork out regularly?

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    Left leg seal popped out and dumped oil over the caliper, I have popped the seal back on and its seems to be staying put but obviously no oil to lube the stanctions.
    1.Do I need a new seal
    2.How do you put the oil back in and how much?



    I think its 8ml of 5wt oil in the leg for lubrication purposes, its all shown in the service manual. Changing a fork seal is dead easy (if its popped out once I'd replace it before it does it again).
    There's a chap that posts on here that does Maverick servicing, Craig at Simpsons cycle services 07986 411 810.

    they just do this occaisionally

    Only if there's something else wrong with them in my experience (I have four bikes all using SC32's).


    If they're the brown seals it might be worth replacing with the blue ones. The brown ones were known to fail.

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