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  • Premier Icon sadexpunk

    right. well ive joined paddypower and i think you have to make your bet within 30 days or summats, so i think ill prob stick a tenner in there and see what happens. course, ill have to stick the same-ish on with betfair wont i?
    but yeah, makes sense to pick and choose the others….

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Probably all of these have already been covered off, sorry if it’s a bit garbled..


    Firstly, realistically, you only get to sign up to a bookie once. You need to make the most of that opportunity. If you dont (here speaks experience) you’ll rue it in the future if you continue. If you havent got the time to do things properly, maybe hold off til you have.

    Before you sign up, always check around for the best offer for the bookie. Paddypower, for instance, run a £250 free bets offer. When you sign up for less, you’re giving money away.
    Watch out for the expiry dates on any bets.

    Don’t underestimate the amount of float you need if you want to extract as much money as possible from the sites.

    Also, check quidco/topcashback to see what they’re offering, though some places wont let you use these with free bets.
    Joining Betfair with a referral code from jobbingmusician on moneysaving expert, and going through quidco with get you around £50 in cash and free bets, if you make the bets criteria they set. jobbingmusician only keeps £5 of their referral bonus, returning the rest to you.
    And , obviously, if others use your referral code, you can make free bets if they meet the minimum betting criteria.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    thanks vinny, prob a bit too late for PP now, and also betfair, as ive joined them. betfair did say summats about an offer but i didnt understand how itd work, or whether it would be relevant to this matched betting lark.

    FWIW, ive deposited a tenner in PP and bet on a win in premiership on saturday. ive also deposited a tenner in BF and bet against it.
    so….. £20 invested, ill see what occurs and what i get back 🙂


    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    well, 2 weeks on, ive joined 3 bookies and made £55 🙂 not big money, but better than nowt.

    does anyone here do this regularly still? im getting a fair few ‘free £10 bets’ on stuff like tennis, motor racing, all with different t&c’s, so i darent do those as i dont understand them. and after only 3 bookies, i cant find any other straightforward ‘join and get a free bet’ offers without having to roll the bet over a few times and suchlike.

    anyone doing this who doesnt mind being my ’email pal’ and talking me through whether some of them are worth it or not, and how to do them?

    thanks 🙂


    Of all the places to find a matched betting forum I think this is the least likely I’ve encountered!

    I’ve done it a couple of times (not multi accounting; simply having a common name, moving house, new laptop, new cards – not specifically for matched betting why not profit from it again!) and there’s still money to be made. £500 is easy, £1000 if you put your mind to it. The bigger your starting float the easier it is.

    Do not start if you don’t have a basic understanding of maths though, that’s a recipe for disaster!

    For what it’s worth (as I’m here for bike chat not matched betting and don’t want to get involved in hand holding – sorry if that sounds harsh, it can just be painful explaining in messages like this!), I started at MSE on the GIOL forum and then moved to The Gambling Times. Both have got excellent people and how to guides. Good start is actually read through that and the associated guides and call me in the morning!


    Can’t believe I’ve not been sucked into a conversation with myself on this! 😕

    If you’re thinking of getting involved, follow this guy Saul’s blog. He posts some other guff as well, but the weekly matched betting blog is a decent insight into the time and effort involved.

    Right, that’s me done!

    Premier Icon njee20

    So you joined, resurrected a post from 8 months ago, twice, but you’re ” here for bike chat not matched betting and don’t want to get involved in hand holding”. Oooook. 😕

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    thread resurrection time 🙂

    anybody here still doing this? im not, as it started to seem like the offers were getting too complicated for me to follow through and i was scared of messing up. still get the odd email through tho with offers and from matched betting sites, thats why i thought id bring this up again.

    for instance, theres this offer from a new bookies that implies theres £200 to be made?
    i dont understand the terms. anyone still doing this and think its a sure-fire winner? or too complicated to follow through with?


    Sadexpunk, you need to stay switched on if you’re doing Matched Betting or you will potentially lose money.

    A 3 second Google on that bookie told me that they are currently red listed.

    Stick to the reputable ones.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    ill probably leave it mate. as you rightly point out, im mebbes just not savvy enough to make it work 🙂

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