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  • Massive thumbs up to Giro (customer service content)
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    Well a few months ago I managed to completely break the arm on my two year old white Giro Semis (which was completely my own fault). I had superglued it back on a few times until last week when they finally died. An email to Madison (the UK importers) was met with a simple “We don’t stock that anymore, sorry.”
    I fired off an email to Giro via their website and they replied with “Sorry we don’t have stock of the white arms anymore, but I will send you a new black frame.”
    This morning I recieved a parcel – a whole new pair of Giro Semis, in black, with lenses, sent from the US via airmail. I am quite frankly blown away with this – I’ve only had as good service from Hope in the past!
    Big thumbs up!

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