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  • steve_b77

    Phone up Windwave, explain the problem & send them back to get fixed

    That’s the plan but wondered if there was an acceptable level of play. They may just look at them and say it’s within tolerance, although they are much looser than with the original uppers.

    Also a bit pee’d off that I am gonna have to post them back again for another £12-15 quid.


    Surely it wont cost you if the shop sent them back? if it was an online store tell them your not happy about having to spend more on shipping, they may send courier to pick them up?

    Yeah, bought online and spent less than I’d of liked really but money was tight – looks like a bit of a false economy now. LBS and Rockshox next time, methinks.

    Bought some marzocchi RLO 44’s and after the third ride they were creaking loads, I believe the stanchion or headtube had loosened in the crown.

    Shop sent them to Windwave who tested them and put a new set of uppers on.

    Put forks back on bike and there’s quite a bit of play now between the stanchions and the bushings.

    I have heard about resizing bushings to fit stanchions and wonder if this needs to be done to get the new stanchions tight like they were before the new parts were fitted.

    Anyone have any experience or comments beyond ‘you should have bought Rockshox’. I have already had that conversation with myself.


    had similar problem myself a year ago, was with merlin who were great.
    They sent courier to pick them up after first time.


    Windwave may have been known to replace lowers with the 09 lowers which were well known for play.

    I have the same problem with a pair of 66s 😥

    Cheers fellas,

    off the the Isle of Man for the End to End using the Revelations I’ve nicked off my sons bike,so will call Merlin after the weekend.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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