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  • psychobiker

    Hi all,

    Have just purchased a nano reef setup (2nd hand)after having had a break from marine fish keeping for 10 years. This is the first reef aquarium I have ever owned and wondered what good forums are availible to talk to people on.

    I am comfortable with water quality and changes, The hood has upgraded LED’s in it for the corals. I guess I am after a reef tank support network.

    As the internet wasnt freely availible when I kept marine before, I am clueless as to what sites are any good.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Marcel,

    I’d recommend ultimate reef for purely reading posts. I used to have tank threads but got fed up with it all. I just use it for reference now. I’d recommend getting on Facebook as there are some great sites out there.

    Take is slowly and I mean really slowly and you shouldn’t come unstuck. Research any possible purchases too.

    Where abouts are you located?

    Only other thing to add is I bet you upgrade within a year 🙂 good luck and hope you enjoy the most expensive and addictive hobby on earth.


    Here is my current one:

    About 4 months old now waiting for all the corals to get used to the lights and then stuck. I collect zoas and buy all my corals from frags. Grow them on, frag them and then pass them onto others to save stuff being taken from the wild.


    Thanks for the response Waller, will have a look at that.

    I am in Northamptonshire, have been to a coupke of good shops local ish. and 1 extremely good shop in Leicester, which we will revisit. I have purchased 25 litres of salt mixed RO water for the water changes. Which I plan to do weekly, with slowly adding the new water slowly so as not to shock the corals. (as per previous owners advice).

    Plan to run the tank exactly the same as the previous owner for the time being as I learn what suits who in the tank. One priority is to get some more shells for the hermits as one or two are constantly poking around the couple of the empty shells left in the tank.



    That is beautiful Waller.

    I think I have a long way to go to get to there.


    Cheers Marcel 🙂 it was a bit of a mess as I’d just moved everything over.

    Biggest thing I’ve learnt is it takes real patience. I see people all the time chucking new stuff into their tanks but it changes the balance of the tank. The animals and corals won’t like it bearing in mind they come from the most stable environment on earth.

    I’d recommend getting your own ro unit to make your own water for two main reasons. Shop bought water can be shocking giving you no control. It also costs more in both buying the water and also buying stuff in the shop you don’t need.

    Salifert test kits in my opinion are the best and easiest to use.

    I’d recommend zoas and other soft corals to begin with. Some LPS like hammers are also pretty forgiving.

    Me personally when I had a noon I would aerate and heat the water prior to adding it. My tank was 100 litres and I changed 10l in one go once a week every tank is different though 🙂

    I’d recommend marine reef, fish and coral enthusiast in Sussex and surrounding areas on Facebook. A really chilled bunch with tons and tons of knowledge. Much friendlier than the forums. I’m on there causing havoc most nights 🙂

    Great hobby. More addictive than crack cocaine allegedly 🙂

    Oh and my best tip… Keep your hands out of the tank at all costs 🙂 good luck with it! Send me n email if you get stuck or need a hand 🙂

    Top left of psychbikers pic I can see a white bodied pig with a bright orange head.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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