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  • mattsccm

    Anyone using this setup?
    Can you store the maps on your phone or pc for times when there is no phone signal?

    Hi – I use Mappx Quo & upload all of my maps to my PC where I have a range of tiles 1:25k that covers my local riding area. As I use a Garmin I also upload it to the Garmin Connect website where you can filter the rides under headings like distance, heart rate, av speed etc.

    I’m not sure if you can use it on the phone though – I’ve never had the need…..

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yeah used Quo it was brilliant but never do a Mac version so don’t use it anymore.


    If you have a good old “pocket PC” device from 1856 then you can use it as a mobile app. The alternative is to use one of the Lowrance devices they sell.

    They took a kicking on their forum for the lack of ios / android support a few years ago as they went after the services / rescue market and forgot about the consumers who’d bought quo (or rather the OS tiles!) in the first place.

    They did have some great deals on before xmas with all UK 1:25k and 1:50k tiles for something like 200gbp.

    The desktop software itself is really good. I use it for creating routes and general map based geekiness. Support is a bit slow, but hey the SW is free so you can’t complain.

    I did however get a marketing email from them at the weekend about some new product they’re launching. No real info but here’s hoping as someone who spent a fair amount on OS tiles. Just had a look on their site and it actually sounds promising. (though looks like it ignores any current investment). Shame about the name “mxmapweb”!. Actually shame about the UI as well which is shocking. You’d think they’d look at something like Orux.

    However, I have a horrible suspicion that it’ll need a data connection rather than allowing you to save a map / tiles to the device. (as you can with something like mobile atlas creator).

    I’ll watch that with interest.

    Premier Icon Nick

    I don’t think you can use it on mobile devices other than the Lowrance devices, which is a shame.

    However, as a piece of software to use on your PC, and then upload and download routes to a GPS, I love it.

    It’s really quick for planning really big rides across a large area, like say the Welsh Ride Thing, where you link up a suggested list of points on a map, with Quo you can immediately see everything, and even have an in-sync Google Earth view so that you can see if the bridleway on the map actually exists on the ground.

    Plus the file system is good for keeping stuff organised, multiple versions of the routes etc.

    Probably best for a map geek, you could just use for simpler routes (in fact my friends manage with this for planning big rides too), but I like the speed and flexibility of Quo.

    Downsides are as already mentioned there is little mobile support, and that it can work out a bit expensive in the long run if you buy lots of tiles, but that’s the choice you pay for flexibility in which tiles you really want.

    The software is free and a couple of tiles is only £2 so I recommend giving it a go.

    Premier Icon Cowman

    Really like Quo, but have to say that after looking at the web maps I cant see much that’s different to Bing maps and the OS setting.

    Hope this product is really developed to be a true web end to their great mapping sofware

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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