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  • think i’ve ’09 ones (or mebbe ’10) and i’m incredibly impressed with them. mine need a service now, but really, they perform great.

    i’ve actually 2 pairs – 29″ and 26″. the 26″ are buggered now, and need a fll on service, but they’ve had 3 years of use…

    from my understanding, you either get a great pair (of which i’ve had 2) or a mediocre pair…

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    I’ve got a set of these (100mm 2008 version) on a bike that I bought second hand, from the classifieds on here. There’re in first class mechanical condition and appear to have had very little use.

    However, when I first tried them they were really stiction-y and had basically no small (or even medium) bump sensitivity. They’d use all their travel on bigger stuff but had no “plushness”.
    So, I thought that I’d rebuild them with some Enduro seals and while I was at I fitted the later ABS+ compression damper assembly (as CRC had them on special offer).
    The new seals have made a slight improvement but not enough to make me happy.

    I’m a bit baffled by this as the later “Tower Pro” forks (which use the same damping assemblies) are reviewed as being very plush and active, maybe too much so. I weigh about 150lbs and have the medium spring fitted, which should be ok.
    Is anyone using similar forks and, if so, how did you find them? – are they all as crap as mine or is it possible to make them plush and sensitive? I’d really appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me as I’m on the verge of chucking the damn things out – I’m usually “good with forks” and can get them working pretty much how I want them to – but then I’ve never worked on Manitous before either…..

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    I’d try a firm spring and less air pressure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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