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  • keppoch

    I have this Manitou Evolver ISX6 Rear Shock:

    It was removed from another bike (Cannondale Prophet) I am now considering whether to fit it to my Yeti 575 (2005-2007) in place of the current Fox RP2 or to sell it on.

    I don’t know the history of the shock so although it looks in good cosmetic condition I guess I will have to get it serviced before trusting it on a two week holiday and I will also need new reducers to fit it to the Yeti as the current ones are different widths.

    My main question though is to ask whether it is actually any good? I can’t find that many reviews. It has a lot of dials and looks the business but will I really notice the difference from the existing shock that has never offended me in the past. It will also mean no chance of fitting a waterbottle, not a problem normally but I do fit one occasionally when doing a mtb-marathon event.

    So what advice? Sell it on and pocket the £ (more realistically spend it on something else bike!) or pay for a service and reducers?


    Daytime bump?


    Is there anything you don’t like about the shock currently on your 575? As you know the ISX6 is highly adjustable…maybe it’s downfall, as it can take some time to dial in if you don’t know what you’re doing or trying to achieve. There should still be some in depth guides on how to get the best from them over on MTBR. It’s an excellent shock for curing problems with certain suspension designs.

    If it’s the one where you can adjust the dial on the piggyback by hand (4 settings), it’s for changing the bottom out resistance…great for quickly changing it for different terrain/jumps/drops.

    EDIT: If I hadn’t have broken my Intense, I would have bought it off you in a shot if you decided to sell it.

    It’s the business. Setup might take a while but the mtbr guides are good.


    No there is nothing I object to on the 575 but I have not really ridden much else so open to being impressed!

    Considering I already have it it is an option to fit it and experiment but I think I may wait until after my holiday.

    Also I am not sure whether the shock eyelets are the same size as Fox, this will clearly affect whether I can fit it. Also need to check the stroke length as this may differ from my RP2

    Unfortunately they’re different eyelets on the evolver, 12mm not 12.7mm.

    It’s a far more tuneable shock than the Fox. But I would guess the Fox will actually sell for more.

    Myself, I would keep the evolver, assuming the stroke length is compatible.

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