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    “Know your tractor. Know your land”

    Our place is woefully inadequate at even basic training. We have a new digital radio system going live for all staff on Monday & I haven’t even seen a new radio let alone been trained on the very basics, IE switching it on & logging onto the net.
    A prisoner died in a cell fire earlier this year & no-one has had any official training on how the fire hoses even work on each wing. We have to apply to have first aid training yet any member of staff could come across a prisoner (or another member of staff) in serious need of it at any time.
    Prison training consists of a ‘Know Your Job’ sheet & hope for the best.

    It’s abysmal.


    Every three years I have to sit through a 2hour training session that is summed up as “look where you are going, hold the hand rail when going down stairs”.

    About half the training courses I go on are just filling time to get the trainer paid and could be done in an online presentation in 15 minutes.


    It all counts towards your 40

    Welcome brother 🙂

    <does funny handshake>

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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