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  • Manchester museum of science and industry possibly facing closure
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    much grinding of teeth over this

    Many of you will have no doubt visited this place and will know how important it is to both our past and future.

    Please like their Facebook page and sign the petition.

    The suits on charge need to understand how important and inspirational this place is and we need to tell them.

    Interesting R$ article on this this morning. Inferred there may be a North South divide in teh closures.


    I suspect it’s more likely that they’ll start to charge for admission than actually close.

    The National Railway museums at York and Shildon are under the same group. I’ve always been amazed that York is free. I think 95% of people wouldn’t begrudge paying say £10 for a family ticket for York as it really is excellent.

    Locomotion at Shildon is only 5 minutes from us and the kids have been loads of times but if we’d had to pay it would have been different as it’s much smaller. I think Locomotion will struggle if they charge for admission – it’s taken them the best part of 10 years to build up to 200,000 visitors per year.


    Funnily enough I was there with the kids on Monday, but didn’t hear about this until the evening. It is looking run down now. Half the new ‘interactive’ stuff on the top floor was out of order, and the plane hall is really grubby.

    There is a ‘voluntary’ suggested donation of £3 per visitor. I didn’t see anyone else putting in, though. I think this whole outraged bit is a ploy to introduce entry fees. The first time I went I remember paying.

    I just hope it’s reasonable. I took the kids to Manchester airport viewing park to see Concorde. Right up until they demanded £30 (each!) to go into the building and get up close.


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    I agree that it is looking a bit tatty.


    It does look tatty but my kids absolutely love th eplace and have never mentioned that when they go

    It is an inspirational place

    I agree when I [last] went no one else was donating either and we even saw a display team doing rad cycle stunts

    I go at least once per year as he kid just love it

    there is not better museum in the North West IMHO and none which covers our entire industrial past

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    I went recently too and no-one else put anything in the donation box 🙁

    I thought it was great fun.

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