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  • mrchrispy

    After real world feedback on a Manchester – Bradford commute.
    Leaving Stretford/Sale junction towards stinky bridge then M62 and finishing at the bottom of the M606.

    Google maps traffic suggest that it’d be okay but I suspect the M606 will be a nightmare.

    It wont be a long term thing so I’m not that fussed with a bit of traffic but dont want to do it if its going to start taking several hours each way.

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    I don’t reckon you’ll be that bad. I used to do from the same junction, as far as Rochdale junction. Once you’re past the hellish Worsley interchange, you’ll normally get a pretty clear run from there, probably until you hit the M606

    Its a sort of reverse commute. I wouldn’t want to do it in the other direction


    It really does depend on what time of day you leave.

    I routinely travel the M62 into Leeds from Junction 21 and it can take as little 35-40 minutes if I leave at 06:30. It could be as much as 1.5 hours if I leave at 08:00.

    The M606 is generally quiet, even at the far end – Will you be travelling to Yorkshire Building Society perchance? If so, it pays to get there early as the car park fills up fast.


    Used to 2/3 times a week. Aim to be in Bradford for 7 and you’ll be reet. I had an hour to myself at work to have a crap/nap/read the paper and have breakfast before anyone else turned up : )


    mrchump – its either that of a shelf stacker at that big ASDA 🙂
    looking at the map and there doesnt seem to be a vast amount of parking options around there, what happens when its full?

    I reckong i could stomach an hour each way (give or take),any longer and I’d start to go mental. I wouldnt even consider it for a permy role but it’d be worth it for a contract

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    Traffic can be bad from Ainley Top (24) right up to Birstal (27). I regularly cross the 62 (on my bike) at Hartshead services and it’s nose to tail. Some days it’s ok, some days it’s shocking. Earlier you get there the better for sure!

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    Aim to be in Bradford for 7 and you’ll be reet.

    If you’ve left manc by 6am then you’ll be ‘fine’*

    * as good as the M62 gets between 6am and 11pm


    Should be fine if you are early enough, currently doing ilkley Stockport and my issues are clearing bradford and J23 to J24 of m60. My commute in takes about 2 hours.

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