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  • Manchester airport – parking + travelling with kids
  • meeeee

    Flying from Manchester in May and just booking parking.

    Never flown from Manc before, usually just tiny airports and not flown with young kids before either! (1.5 and 4yrs)


    is it easy to drop off kids + mum then go to the further out Jetparks then get shuttle bus back to terminal…(saves £30 but might get me grief off the wife when I get back to the terminal!!!)

    or is it better to use the ‘meet and greet parking’ apparently right beside the terminal (although they could be lying as never been there before) ?

    secondly, Fast track security with young kids worth it or not?

    No idea how busy Manchester airport T1 is for passenger drop offs / security checks. I’m guessing busy though hence asking!

    Meet and Greet is yards from the terminal and works really well. Drive in, drop, walk to terminal. Take a non refundable pound for the trolley if you have lots of luggage.

    Long stay is a short walk or 15 minute bus ride from the terminal. Not too bad.

    On my own I walk, even carrying skis.
    With the family it’s Meet and Greet every time. A few quid compared to the cost of your holiday and gets you off to a nice start. Easy when you get back home tired and fed up to leave holiday too. No wait to get to the car.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Use Meet and Greet. Much better than staggering around trying to work out what bloody row you left the car in at 11pm on your return.

    Premier Icon 2tyred

    Went last month from Manchester T1, used one of the meet and greet parking services that were pretty much the same price as the ones you get a minibus transfer with. Much easier. Booked it using purple parking, can’t remember which one it was but there were a couple.



    used these guys several times. only a couple of minutes from the terminals. they drop you off, and pick you up. hassle free

    Premier Icon Rod

    Yep – meet and greet for us too. Never had any problems yet (touch wood)


    secondly, Fast track security with young kids worth it or not?

    Just take a pram or two through security as IIRC they send you through the fast track lane anyway.

    b r

    Or near enough to taxi there?

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    Done both.

    With smaller kids Meet and Greet every time.
    When they are a bit older the Jet Parks is a good option. We always seem to have early flights, so stop in the Premier Inn and park in Jet Parks using a package deal from Holiday Extras.

    Take a picture of the row number + bus stop nearest to where you parked for your return.

    LCS meet & greet every single time. drive right up to departures, unload, hand your keys over and piss off… car is waiting for you in the same spot (roughly) when you get back. cost about £40 for a week. taxi would cost £35 one way!


    thanks all, meet and greet it is then! Had forgotten about the return flight and meet and greet definitely makes sense with kids for that as its quite late at night.

    Premier Icon kcal

    the market has exploded in the car parks and its all a bit confusing with deals and providers that look the same to me.

    M&G is good, we used to go skiing holidays from Glasgow a lot, was daunting arriving in back of nowhere at 5am, past burnt out cars, but secure parking, take you there no problem, and collect you as well — they usually check flight so – in winter this was great – they’d run the car for a bit to get it warmed up (luckily ours was an old Saab so little danger of them actually thrashing it, more trying to actually work out the ignition…)

    Premier Icon nickc

    You can also park on site Long Stay at the airport, I use T1 for biking holibobs and it’s literally a short (5 mins) shuttle bus ride.

    was £50.00 for a week, booked with easy jet when I booked the flight

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