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  • hora

    Didnt Spurs score 5 times last night Mastyfanny?

    Hora – as I said

    As I was saying, Man U to win the title, and Spurs struggling to make 6th.


    I was being ironic if you hadn't guessed. Isn't football and the surprises it throws up great 🙂


    MF, Im just showing off my guess/extremely limited amount of football knowledge 🙂


    I did enjoy seeing the results coming in last night I must say. It's great not having a personal interest, other than enjoying football, in the Premiership as no matter what happens in it I can't lose.

    I was at the Liverpool game last night. If Liverpool think that setup is going to win them the league this season they have a rude awakening. Talk about one dimensional. They have only one wide outlet in Johnson and other than that they just try to pick a glory pass through the middle. Against stoke it worked but against Cheski & Man U it will fail.

    Also if i was the opposing team i would get every player to wind Glenn Johnson up. He was reacting to the slightest contact last night. He has a very short fuse and i guarentee a few sendings off. Maybe Chelski spotted this as well.

    Oh and i am content with Spurs start to the season mastiles 😉


    Holy thread ressurection. My prediction of Spurs rings true :mrgreen:

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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