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  • Man Down Whinlatter
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    Yesterday morning we were at Whinlatter on the last day of our hols in the area, wife and son wanted to do the Park Run before heading home and I thought I might do the trails quickly.

    Just parked up and a guy appears limping across the carpark breathing heavily, holding his arm and in obvious distress, he told me his name was Mike and he said he had cased one of the doubles on the Altura south route and had broken his wrist and probably a couple of ribs.

    He’d managed to get his bike into his van (priorities!) and must have walked at least a km in that state.

    It was 08:30 AM and it took us a few minutes to find anyone, in the meantime he (Mike) went into shock and lied down so we covered him with a fleece, no phone signal so couldn’t reach emergency help, but thankfully the ranger was in the office and she quickly got help from the Go-Ape team and they wrapped him up in heated blankets and we left them to it.

    Wife and Son did the park run and when they finished the ranger was still there with him, it wasn’t until we were leaving that the ambulance arrived around 10:00, that’s quite a long time to be lying on the ground so I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must have been.

    Anyone here know him (Mike) and know how he is today?

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    Bump. I hope he is OK. I slipped on the stairs 3 weeks ago and broke 1 rib and it has not been pleasant.

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    I slipped on the stairs 3 weeks ago and broke 1 rib

    This is the kind of stuff that happens cause we getting older.

    I broke my toe on a electric plug in the hallway, and put my back out picking up a toothbrush from the floor.

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