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  • Man down – BJ Doherty (soulrider)
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    many deep breaths over the last few days.
    Still in the disbelief stage of grief..

    BJ was the archetype of the bluff exterior Yorkshire lad who called things how they were, but first with words of encouragement and friendly arm round shoulder / handshake..

    its just the worst thing, can cope with a crash or illness if prepared, but circumstances are just wrong. tours of duty, in some hairy locations, military risks – to be involved in something like this. as @devs has said, to be on the cusp of a return to his home trails – must find a way to channel this for good.

    ride free soulrider.

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    My sincere condolences to soulrider’s many friends and family.

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    Sad news.
    Best wishes to family and friends.

    Premier Icon Andy R

    Very, very sad news – my sincere condolences to his family and friends.


    Gents, Ladies…

    I’m striking while the iron is hot here. I’ve seen plenty of support posts on facebook and the likes from No Fuss, Chipps, top people at Orange etc etc.

    As a friend of BJ for many years, having worked and cycled with him, i’m hoping to plan some rides in the near future and at some point in the spring/summer to celebrate his love of all things biking.

    If anyone wants to be involved/notified/support, please pass me a private message or post on here and i’ll find another way without putting my email up. Expecting a day in the Peaks and probably 10 Under the Ben at the very least.

    RIP Beej.

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    edit – too ruddy slow!


    Dreadful news. As you say Devs, with him due to move back to Moray in a few weeks time, an area he loved so much, makes the news even worse somehow.

    Well that confirms my fears as it means that this is the guy I did my trail cycle leader course with at Glenmore lodge all those years ago. I didn’t know him well but certainly enjoyed his company on and off the bike. 😢

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    Did not know Soulrider personally but recognize his name from the forum – as with everyone else very saddened to hear of this news.
    Thoughts with his family at this awful time.

    I heard about this yesterday through a mutual friend. I didn’t know soulrider other than on here, but as said already – it’s always a shock.

    Love and condolences to his family and friends.

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    I’d not met the gentleman but Mrs Pondo studied with Mrs Soulrider – I know she’s keen to capture memories, would it be rude to ask this thread be passed to her?

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    I believe it already has but no harm in doing so again.

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    Man this is awful – never met the guy but still feels a bit personal
    I’m becoming a bit of a “militant cyclist” as I get older and grumpier and this crap is exactly why. My commute is rural and I’m probably passed by only a dozen cars per 11 mile trip but I still half expect something like this every day.

    Love to his family and friends; I hope they can remember the good times, even now


    Looks like we’ll have lots of people coming to 10UTB to ride for or just remember BJ, which is awesome.

    I didnt know Barrie, I can only add that my thoughts are with his family at this tragic time.

    I saw blue lights on the horizon cycling home from work Monday evening so checked local press the next day and saw the terrible news. I’m local and commute regularly on the roads nearby so this has given me much to think about.

    Again, condolences to his family and friends

    Very sad news. Best wishes to his family and friends.

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    Funeral today so I’m heading out on my bike for a bit of head time and will be remembering BJ as I ride.

    Premier Icon Rich_s

    Thanks Scotroutes. Will do the same!

    The funeral was incredibly moving and left many, including me, quite broken.
    It was heartbreaking, yet heartening, to hear family, friends and colleagues share their memories of BJ; it seems he was lots of different things to lots of people and time and again someone shared an experience where you could just think ‘ yeah, that was him all over’.
    For those who don’t know a number of teams/pairs and solo riders are all doing 10 Under the Ben in memory of BJ and would love your support as they slog round the course.
    Main thoughts are, as always, with Vicky, their boys and BJ’s family.


    Wot dangerousbeans sed up there ^^^^^^^^^^^
    BJ was given a very fitting send off. The large chapel was packed beyond capacity, as was the wake at the Officer’s Mess at RAF Cranwell. To see he was held in such high regard by so many different communities and respected by all who ever encountered him might be a small comfort to his family and friends. I reckon he’d approve of all the roadies who are getting on MTBs to ride 10UTB. I hope he takes a minute to look down on us from the single track in the sky, I know that his “encouragement” would be very direct and Yorkshire like. 🙂 Per ardour ad astra.

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    As written above for the send off.
    I think that’s the most moving funeral I’ve attended. Absolutely in bits at many points. It was clear I wasn’t the only one by a long shot. Tears unchecked at several sections.

    I hadn’t realised it was standing room only but it was clearly well attended and as devs said, from such diverse communities that speaks volumes. Which was more than I was able for some time afterwards.

    Hugs to family and all the many friends.

    It was a long journey, an incredibly tough service and a long way back but I’m glad we went.

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    My Wee Bro is recovering from having his voice box removed!!! I have a few mates/ex workmates who have had a similar op…

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