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  • Making Time To Ride: a health check for your home
  • stwhannah
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    Leave the ‘mum guilt’ and ‘dad guilt’ at home – check your habits and find everyone the ride time and headspace they need. It’s International Women’s …

    By stwhannah

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    A marvellous thoughtful piece as ever, Hannah. I am a fortunate man and recognise how much time I stole from my wife and family over the decades while I worked. Now I am able to pay at least some of it back.

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    If I could write half as well as this, I’d be a happy bunny.

    A lot of this rings true, particularly when the ‘erbs were young; my wife and I would each have our nights to go out and do our own thing. It’s necessary, otherwise you are in danger of feeling that you are no longer a person, just a parent. And yes, I do feel a bit guilty writing that, even though I shouldn’t.

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    There is always enough dirty laundry to put a load on, the question is, is it a good drying day? If so then it is a good riding day too!

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    Great article. With two very young children most of my riding is either on the road or in my garage when they are asleep. Perhaps it’s time, to make some time, for my mtb!

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    A sadly disappointing and female-biased article for the father figure in this household who works full time, carries out all the “Mental Load” tasks and much more besides, yet still finds a way to clock up 100mi+ every week only after putting everyone else first and having everyone else put me last

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