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  • Making tea……… milk in mug first or last?
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    Bunnyhop is wrong, milk goes in last with tea.
    What has been said about cracking cups in olden days, and tea brewing at close to 100C is correct.


    Oh dear don’t you people have any respect for anything…

    Tea should be brewed between 60 and 93 °C depending of it’s origin and the type of leaves (black tea around 85-93 and green tea from 60 to 80 °C).
    If you put milk in the tea it show one thing… You have no taste…
    People who put milk in tea should be send to jail for crime against good taste…
    Like people who use tea bags to make tea. Real tea amateurs use proper tea leave and an old good strainer.

    Milk in last. Bog roll on the outside. Them’s the rules.


    Very fine bone china can be stained by hot tea as it is quite porous, hence people started to put milk in first before they poured the tea to stop it discolouring.

    So milk in last it is then, unless using your best china that is.


    Tea will stain even a cheap mug. The only way to stop that is to put sugar in which prevents the staining.

    Milk always goes last if making tea in a mug with a teabag (in which case only Twinings Everyday is allowed… all others are cheap imitations of tea). If making from a pot milk goes in first so that when poured you can see instantly if it is strong enough.

    Anyone who says milk should go into instant coffee first is wrong and obviously rides singlespeed!


    But what milk should you use, full fat, semi or skimmed?


    Pure, un-pasturised and still warm from the cow is best. Failing that It MUST be semi skimmed…. all other milk is wrong and should be banned by the nanny state


    last, always. Some lass at work puts the milk in, then the teabag, then adds the water. Strangely enough, after the first time, nobody ever takes her up on her offer of making a cuppa.


    Agree AndyP – seeing someone pour milk over a dry teabag makes me heave.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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