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  • Nice! Making stuff is ace.

    Is your circular saw sitting on an ironing board?


    Well it pissed down this morning so i sacked the road ride and built these instead out of some left over fencing rails….
    Saw horses by Stufive, on Flickr

    Even got some help when nursery finished

    Saw horses by Stufive, on Flickr



    There’s a real sense of satisfaction about making things rather than buying them, especially if you can’t buy exactly what you need (custom bike rack in the van, workbench that fits around my toolbox, with pipe-vice for steerer cutting, and stainless top), currently making a system to wheel in 3 racing karts into a box trailer. Nice effort on the saw-horses there, woodwork’s my downfall 🙁


    Well done mate. I love making things.

    There is real immediate sense of achievement at the end, but also much pleasure in seeing the project evolve.

    I often envy people who get to do it full time.

    Premier Icon stevied

    I was bored at work yesterday so made myself a 32mm socket for changing the springs in my new Vanilla’s 🙂

    Totally out of cash when I bought my new van, I couldn’t afford a bike rack for a month or two, so made a fork carrier to screw to the van floor, from plywood offcuts and an old Hope axle, at least I could take the bike in the van….
    ( wasn’t sure if to post this in the making or, the bodging thread, so also shown are my chain link faffer and bearing shuvver inner. :oops:)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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