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  • making coffee in a Moka pot – what do you do?
  • prawny

    Use decent grounds, follow the instructions, get fecked off with cleaning it, buy a tassimo.


    Use nice coffee, fill the pot and tamp it down, fill with cold water to just below the valve, turn the heat to minimum when it starts to bubble through, take it off the heat when its done, don’t leave it bubbling away..
    Don’t clean it, just rinse it off..


    Use decent coffee, when it bubbles it’s done, when it stops bubbling your burning the bottom of the pot and the next three or four brews are going to taste burnt.
    I use boiled water from the kettle as i find the council pop tastes a bit iffy if not boiled first.


    I think a lot of people make a large coffee in the pot instead of just an espresso shot and then top that up in the cup with boiling water to make a proper americano. This smooths the taste.

    If you just have shots then this is no help.

    No need to tamp down imo.


    don’t tamp down, heat on low, don’t wait to til it’s bubbling to pour it – pour it off before then

    This is a good guide:

    stove top guide

    Last coffee was shit at best! Bitter and horrible. What do YOU do to make good coffee in a stove top Moka pot?

    what is good coffee to use?

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    Pour it/rinse it off what?

    Is this a special kind of coffee language?

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    what is good coffee to use?

    There are loads, most of the ground coffee you can buy needs using quickly once you’ve opened it though. Beans and a grinder is better.

    Don’t buy Taylors’ it’s shocking 😆

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    i find, that if i ‘tamp’ – it doesn’t work. It seems to stop the water bubbling/boiling through.

    i don’t like lilly coffee, it’s too bitter, lavazza is much nicer/smoother/less gnarly, except the black-pack ‘espresso’ stuff, which i don’t like.

    it turns out that coffee A, doesn’t necessarily taste the same as coffee B.

    i’m rapidly drinking my way through a bag of ‘grumpy mule’ something or other.

    and sleeping terribly! 🙂

    oh and yes, a hand-grinder is one of the last stops on the ‘coffee-geek’ express. i’ve got a zassenhaus lima, which is a bit tricky to hold, i’d like to try a managua – which look a bit more stable…

    Here s what I do

    Beans from local roasters (small batch) or Hasbean

    2 tbs of unground beans in the 3 cupper, 3and a bit in the 6 cupper

    Grind beans

    No tamping! (IMO it stops the water getting through the grounds if they are tamped)

    Pot on lowish heat (4 out of 6 on my hob)

    Lid open!

    When coffee starts coming out – keep an eye on it. Take coffee off heat as soon as coffee stops comin out the top bit – if it all starts bubbling and glugging you’ve left it on too long

    Close lid pour coffee

    Lavazza red, put in water put in coffee, heat, pour, drink, worry about other more important stuff.

    the coffee you use is up to your personal taste. try different stuff.(im currently drinking stuff from B+M at £1 a pack that i like) but lavazza or illy is a good shout if your rich.

    the trick is to get it to come out as slow as possible and once it stops, remove it from the heat completely or it will burn. i can gauge it so there is a bit of water left in which i would rather than having burned coffee.

    i use boiling water from the kettle in the morning to speed things up.

    dont ever wash it. rinse/swill at most, a ‘patina’ is beneficial.

    if you do burn it and you find future batches taste burned run it through a few times with no coffee in.

    dont put the the coffee back in the bottom and run another load through as a ‘double espresso……you wont manage anything productive all day 😈

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    I think I agree with every post above. WOW


    Don’t tamp. Don’t wash it afterwards. Just rinse. You need to do a few brews for it to bed in as it were.

    a hand-grinder is one of the last stops on the ‘coffee-geek’ express

    Waaayy off the end of the line. It just shows you have far too much time on your hands. I’d need every type of coffee-making equipment before I bought a hand grinder, and even then I’d probably think it a waste of funds.


    a hand-grinder is one of the last stops on the ‘coffee-geek’ express

    No it isn’t. A plumbed in lever machine with reverse osmosis or filtered feed is more like it, most coffee geeks would only consider a hand grinder for travelling with their aeropress or V60.

    Moka pots do not make espresso BTW you need 9bar of pressure for that.


    Fill to valve, add two tablespoons of lavazza red to the basket. Close. Heat on a very low heat resting on the smallest burner. Remove when coffee starts to emerge if I catch it in time. Better coffee than my Gaggia, just no crema.

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    Don’t clean it, just rinse it off..

    most important bit IMO.
    Never use detergent on the aluminium pot.
    The coffee oils will season the pot. Leave them be.
    Mrs Stoner once washed the pot, the next coffee tasted awful and she got told off 🙂

    I disagree with most of the above. Fire up the heat – and as soon as it gurgles take it off the stove.


    throw it away, buy an aeropress.


    still think an old fashioned french press pisses on the moka pot – but everyones taste is different.

    yet to try an aeropress

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    I have two french presses, 2 moka pots and an aeropress.

    We use the french presses 90% of the time, and equally between the other two the rest of the time.


    I put three teaspoons in mine press it down a bit and take it off as soon as it gurgles otherwise it tastes like cack, i also warm the mug with hot water first chuck the coffee in and a bit of milk perfect btrew, ive only had it about six months but I cant function now till ive had me morning brew! 🙂

    Is a french press just another name for Cafetiere?


    Aeropress +1

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