Making a Bluetooth speaker

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  • Making a Bluetooth speaker
  • Recently saw a vintage guitar amp someone had converted into a Bluetooth speaker. Quite fancy doing the same with an old speaker or a vintage radio. Anyone done similar?

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    My mate’s kid made one at school out of lego. Pretty cool.

    I’d bet my life savings there are instructional vids on YT 🙂

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    There are bluetooth modules available for peanuts on eBay. I bought one for my car, it was £9, but it was aimed at converting headphones to bluetooth so it had a 3.5mm jack and buttons on the front for skip track, volume etc.

    Can you get hardware that will do LDAC with the right software/firmware? I can’t find any recievers!s that do!

    Found a few videos but wondering if anyone here had tried it.
    Be handy to have mains power rather than having to keep charging batteries


    *Eyes up old valve radiogram in the basement*

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    Most of the Bluetooth kits will work off 24v, so a laptop PSU works perfectly.

    I have a couple of the kits to play with, when I get my garage sorted I’ll put them to use.

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    I think it was the TPA3116 Bluetooth board I have, about £5 from China. I’ll probably reuse some old car speakers.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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