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  • wl

    Can anyone recommend a decent car hire company in Palma or in or near Soller? Trying to find one that’s not extortionate as the big ones all seem to charge a lot more than mainland Spain (which we expected). Are there any decent companies people can recommend? And what do people generally pay for a week’s hire, 2 named drivers, small car. Ta.

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    We used avis.
    There is a real shocker of a company who I can’t remember who use a variety of names.Gold something I think.
    If you’ve never heard of the company you click on I’d avoid.


    Yep, Goldcar has an err interesting reputation. I’ve just come back and used Dollar (booked through Auto Europe website). £42 for a bmw 320d estate but then it was very early season.

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    As I always say, Centauro. Depends on season, but last time I went my hire bike cost more than the car.

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    I booked a car at Barcelona a few years ago through Goldcar, then read the reviews and feared the worst.

    We got to the off site pick up place and queued for nearly 3 hours to get the car. While the desk workers buggered off for lunch.
    They tried to get us to pay for extra insurances but I just said no to everything. including the additional ‘not having to get the car checked over on return fee’.
    Took the car back 2 weeks later and pulled into the car park, place was empty, pulled into a space next to the building and a guy that helped us find the car 2 weeks ago came over to us, took the keys and helped us with our bags onto the mini bus to the airport.
    Never heard another thing from them. I think I got lucky!

    If you’ve never heard of the company you click on I’d avoid.

    Having been royally shafted by both Hertz and Europcar, I’d disagree with this statement.

    Car hire firms in general are scum, the well known ones aren’t much different in this respect.

    We hired from Goldcar just before and just after Christmas and had no problems either time. The hire in Majorca was piss takingly cheap. Something like 4 quid a day if I recall.

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    Avoid Record (local company) or at least check their fuel policy. We had to pay in advance for a full tank and bring it back empty. Problem is, it’s a small island and we had an economical car so we were out of pocket…

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    DON’T USE Goldcar they were awful for us. Not Majorca. They (aggressively) insisted that we (and everyone else there, which meant a 2hr delay) pay hundreds more £’s or we wouldn’t be covered even though we had a print out saying we were when we booked it.


    I have used Goldcar the last few times in Majorca. The guys on the front desk always tried to sell the extra insurance to cover small scratches but I have never bothered and last time when I handed the car back I asked the attendant what size marks they are looking for and she said as long as it hasn’t got any big scratches or dings you are fine. It doesn’t help though that the locals seem to park by shunting cars if they are in the way so I always tried to park out of the way a bit


    Recommended by a couple of people on the other thread, and used by me – [/url].

    Zero hassle, older car (so no worries about the kids sitting in a brand new one) parked up at the airport with keys left somewhere safe, and returned the same way.

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    We’ve used Hertz the last couple of times we’ve been to Mallorca. We had no problems.

    Do you just need to get from Palma to Soller? Or are you driving around?


    I go to Mallorca a couple of times a year (in-laws have a place there). The only company I would use is Vanrell. They are pretty much the only ones who don’t have hidden extras – you pay for the fuel you use, rather than an expensive full tank. Also mandatory insurance is included. Pick up from airport, queues are far shorter than the normal hire companies.

    Prices range massively depending on time of year. From 50 to 300 euro a week.


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