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    I decided to get a few jobs done on my bike. Change grips, new cables and clean chain. Cut off the old grips, spray inside the new ones with spray adhesive and slip them on. Pull out the old cables, lube up and fit new ones. Adjust the shifting, sweet. Fit the chain cleaner and clean the chain. Get some degreaser in a tub and clean the cassette. I get a little degreaser on the rotor. I hose it all off and blow it dry. Lude the chain. Next I grab the contact cleaner and spray the rotor to clean it, oh bugger that was spray adhesive! Spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning the rotor of glue. Took the bike for a ride, rear brake is less than effective, new pads needed and more cleaning.
    Whats your best oh crap! moment?


    I once fitted a new set of brake pads to my car, put them in backwards then spent a week driving round waiting for them to ‘bed in’ cos of the awful screeching noise when I braked


    Changed a gear cable earlier, wanted to finish off the cable with a proper noggin. Took longer finding and digging out said noggin than the rest of the job.

    stuff by woldspinner, on Flickr[/img]

    Specialized AFR rear shock – couldn’t get the air sleeve off due to bushing being in the way and in a wine fuelled moment of insanity started fiddling with anything and everything – resulting in releasing all the nitrogen in the negative side. I binned it as it was crap anyway!

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    Replaced hose on a set of hope mini’s snapped the fitting tightening it at exactly the point on a Saturday afternoon where if I left then the LBS staff would have locked up and been out of the car park.

    Putting together a new (just arrived 2nd hand) frame, all going well trying to get the BB mounted Chain device in place while putting the BB in and chewed the threads (off to race the following evening) many thanks to the guys at cyclewise for sorting that one out on the morning before the Fred…

    Trying to sort out a headset mid trail to get rid of the knocking due to shagged bearings, snapped the top cap bolt, 3 mates pushed down on the bars while I did up the stem bolts and rode the next 30km..

    Trying to fit hope Pro II bearings with badly fitting sockets nuff said. Again LBS rescue.


    I’m not big on maintenance and usually get flak on rides for the amount of noise my bike makes. the night before a ride around guisburn i greased bearings and tweaked gears… last job i thought i’d check pressure in the rear shock and my crap shock pump stripped the thread on the valve and let all the air out. ended up doing the ride on my trusty GT.

    last job i thought i’d check pressure in the rear shock and my crap shock pump like the hamfisted idiot that I am, I stripped the thread on the valve and let all the air out, blaming the shock pump


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