Maintaining fitness, while ribs heal ?

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  • Maintaining fitness, while ribs heal ?
  • trail_rat

    quiet roads with eyes open looking ahead avoiding potholes.

    i broke mine on the sunday and was back on the bike tentitevly on the tuesday.

    Premier Icon righog

    I broke my ribs about 12 months ago, and as you do I went on the net and chose the advice that best suited what I wanted to do. So I started riding after a week, they had been healing really well up to this point, so went on a gentle road ride hit a pot hole, large cracking sound in chest ensued, and 3/4 weeks of pain were my reward with no riding and subsequent drop in fitness, which lasted for most of the year.

    Yesterday I hit a tree and looks like I have broken them again ( other side of chest this time, so at least some balance there) at the minute the pain is not as bad as I remember from last time, so I may have just badly bruised them (may be kidding myself here).

    I have over the last 2 months worked really hard trying to get some kind of fitness, and really don’t want to lose it all again. So my plan this time is to wait a week then week on the turbo trainer and take from there.

    Anybody got any real world experience of keeping up hard won fitness when recovering from broken ribs ? any advice welcome.

    PS. The Ride at Whinlatter was brilliant even in torrential rain and the Tree did not seem to suffer any ill effects in the collision Maintaining 🙂 .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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