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  • fwokinfwok

    My wife’s VW Golf is due for it’s first 2 year ‘longlife’ service. Do I need to take it to a main dealer or can an independent dealer service it? And will the main dealer get funny if I do have to go back to them with a warranty issue and I’ve had it serviced elsewhere?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    You can get it serviced at any VAT registered garage. IIRC they need to use the same spec parts, including etc as the main dealer would use. They also need to be able to reset the computer.

    Having been through a couple of dealer only long life services with our Passat, I would definitely check out the prices of the local independent garages.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    mine’s due, too. same dilemma. Looking for a reputable garage in Edinburgh if anyone has one.


    Mind you, I haven’t even had a quote yet. Just presumed it would be a fortune.


    As long as OE-quality parts are used and a record/reciept issued by a garage with a VAT number (IIRC re. the latter) then you’ve no worries re. warranty 🙂

    ’tis “easy” enough. Any place worth their salt would have the necessary computer stuff (e.g. VAG-COM, although there’s an element of standardisation with ODB-II so there’re many systems in use) to resent everything, find fault codes etc, etc.

    Might be worth seeking out a Unipart “Car Care Centre”: a good “benchmark” if that makes sense.


    only thing with dealer is they will pick up on any warrenty work thats needs doing then and there ( if parts are in stock ), any software updates your car may need , hell they may even clean it for you, if you do take it to an indipendent , please make sure you get the service book stamped , as jimbo says O.E parts all the way.


    I have longlife servicing on an Audi diesel and if you don’t feel comfortable with an independent service here’s a couple of tips:

    1. Ask for pricing without oil and supply your own. The stealers charge a fortune for the premium oil that must be used in these types of engines. Cheapest place is National Tyres. Make sure you get the correct spec – it’ll be in the handbook and be something like 505 or 506. To give you an idea Audi charge about 70-80 quid for something that costs 30 quid at National. You’ll need 4 litres. Halfords will charge 40 quid.

    2. Ring around and get the best price (without oil) within a certain radius. Then call back your preferred garage and ask them to price match. They all charge different amounts for labour and in my experience, the less ‘city-centre’ they are, the cheaper they are.

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