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  • Magura TS8 R150 fork… Any experiences?
  • tangoman19

    Basically, with a ring on the dragons finger and a new born just arriving, my new bike idea has been booted out the back door… But I can stretch to a new fork to keep me on until times ease.

    So… The fork. Anyone got one? The reviews I’ve read seem to speak highly of it, but there are no real longterm views on it.

    Other options would be a Revelation RCT3 and X-Fusion Velvet.

    It has to be a 1 1/8th straight steerer as my antique 26inch wheeled Zesty won’t take tapered.



    I’m currently running an x fusion velvet.
    Can’t fault it! I picked it up cheap on flea bay new for 120..
    I’ve ridden friends fox’s and rocks and easily as good I’m my opinion.
    There are plenty of great reviews on them.
    And as they are less desired if you look hard enough you can get a steal. (Like I did)
    Very happy!

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    tangoman19, i have been running the TSR8 Lift select 150 for about 7 months and to be honest they are pretty awesome.

    Very easy do set up with single air. The pressures on the leg are pretty close to spot on.
    I never turn the Albert Select (Low speed Compression) on as it is never needed. They just seem to work so well with it off.
    I have used them from big mountain days up in Torridon and Spain along with general trail riding and they have never been lacking. The feeling is pretty progressive / firm and there is absolutely no brake dive if you slam the brakes on.

    Im about to sell mine as i really want a set of pikes. If i wasn’t wanting the pikes i would keep the Maguras without a shadow of a doubt. 🙂

    b r

    How much for the Magura’s? 🙂

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    b r 🙂 my pikes wont be in until October so will be holding on to them until then.

    £200 was a ballpark figure though.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve got the previous model, when they were still called “Thor”.
    Love them! The travel and stiffness on something that light is amazing.


    Thank you all, I think the TS8 is sneaking it at present…

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