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  • Magura MT6… not very good?
  • cubicboy

    I have a set that came fitted on my new bike. Both have been weak from the start and now the rear has given up the ghost. After bleeding it four times it’s gone back to the distributor, Zyro. I’m thinking of getting something more dependable, possibly a Hope set. Anybody else had problems with the MT6?

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    Odd, all my Magura brakes have been spot on.

    My 2006 Magura Louise FR brakes function perfectly when they were on the “Alp” bike for the last 4 years running in the Alps or Andorra when all other brakes in the party were suffering dreadfully (mainly Shimano)

    My Louise BATS from 2010 have been faultless too.

    Not sure of the more modern Magura brakes though but I’d be surprised.


    My MT8s, which are pretty similar to MT6s have been flawless and are easy to bleed. Just like all my other Magura brakes – Louises & Martas of various vintages.

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    Wot they said.

    I’ve had mt4’s, mts, Louise, marta all been faultless.


    I’ve had MT6’s and sold them, be honest I prefare my MT2’s

    Mine are absolute shite. First “set” (MT4’s) had no power and wore out the pads at an alarming rate (probably ‘cos I was dragging the brakes everywhere desperately trying to stop) after about 2 months the rear master cylinder failed resulting in the lever pulling right to the bars at random times with no warning. They were sent back to Magura who replaced both master cylinders and pads, turning ’em into MT6’s. Power was now slightly better but still seriously lacking compared to Elixirs/Juicy’s/Hope M4’s and they’re not even in the same game as Codes. Pads wore out again at a stupidly quick rate so I replaced ’em with aftermarket sintered, (invalidating any warranty, Magura will not allow use of sintered pads) braking is now borderline acceptable but still pretty woeful.


    I had MT2 brakes from new which were extremely weak after numerous bleeds so I sold then cheap and moved on. I did really want to like them after reading the fanbois but they were utter rubbish.

    Mine were shite; no firmness even when sent back to Mike for bleeding.
    Very disappointed given that my Martas have always been perfect.
    The MTs have been subject to a recall:

    Oh forgot. Brakes now look like this ‘cos the levers keep popping outward when you haven’t got your finger on ’em. Very irritating.

    Untitled by monkeyfcuker, on Flickr

    That’ll be a Garmin rubber band thingy off of the mount…


    Magura do allow sintered pads. For each model they offer a performance compound and an endurance compound. These are organic and sintered respectively. Use of any aftermarket pads will invalidate the warranty.


    Thanks for the replies. They’re pants… and are going to be replaced.

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    I had one of the first sets of mt8’s. utter toss and the distributor couldn’t have cared less to the point of being rude

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