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  • Premier Icon blastit

    Hi all, as title really anyone done a home service on these forks.
    Do I need any tools and does anything ping out unexpected .
    Any other tips would be good.
    Thanks in advance


    Let all the air out ;0)

    And er no not yet mine are sat on the workbench in a queue.

    Premier Icon auricgoldfinger

    Not yet, but I found a guide on MTBR on how to do it last week. You won’t find it on the Magura website, but someone who got sent it from Magura has posted it up over there. Have a look in the suspension forum.

    its very easy, i did mine in dec and at the same time reduced the travel to 100mm.

    if you need it i have the guide that tells/shows you how to do it, happy to email it over.

    magura service manual

    you might need to log into mtbr to view it.

    anyone got info on oil levels/weights in the damper? I fancy adding some more to get some progressiveness. Might up the weight at the same time to allow the reboud to be run more open.

    Premier Icon blastit

    Oil weights levels are on the Magura website. Look under downloads/ user manuals .
    Thanks for the Linky, I’ve read they are easy to service but like most things when you know how they are .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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