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  • Magura Fork Internals – Wotans
  • Tim

    Afternoon all

    So… after the weekend my Wotans (2007) are poorly – started the weekend with a bit of a top out and finished with less travel than before (stanchions are only about 145mm long – 160mm forks!) and they sit an inch into that with no weight on the bars – you have to pull the forks/bars apart to extend them further.

    Phone call to magura this morning resulted in a diagnosis of a broken FCR (flight control- basically the travel adjust) and a quote for £195 to fix them. I'm assuming that the seals are leaking and letting air into a negative chamber

    Anyone got any experience of these (or similar) magura forks? Planning to strip, clean and regrease and see if it helps as the part alone is £110 from magura 🙁 Hopefully I can either fix the leak or replace the seal, whilst at the same time sorting out the top out issue (known issue with early wotans that was fixed with a replacement damper assembly – mine are s/h so no warranty)

    Magura dont seem to have a proper maintenance guide on their site either like the step by step rockshox ones, only an exploded diagram in the user manual



    Premier Icon GavinB

    If you are still looking for the service manual later on, then drop me an email and I'll send it over. I'm working (hence acceding via my phone atm).

    They are very similar to RS for stripping down btw, so basically a set of circlip pliers and 5mm hex key, rags, new fluid and the replacement parts.


    Cheers all

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