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  • tyger

    Anyone used them? Any problems or issues?
    Wanting to seriously redo our kitchen and so far the “seem” to offer the best.


    We didn’t use them in the end, but priced up with them, howden’s and a smaller independant(?). The independant got the job in the end (our builder had used them previously though), as they were the most flexible. Magnet/Howden use a std size cupboards and you have to make them fit to your kitchen, the independant built cupboards to fit our kitchen & went the extra mile. Maybe only one or two cupboards out of the whole lot needed making for our kitchen fit without using stupid options (tea=towel rails), but it made the difference.
    Also they supplied CDA kit, and though now searching the internet the reviews are a little disappointing, ours (dishwasher,double cooker, hob & fridge freezer) are working flawlessley. Magnet/Howdens were only supplying bottom of the range ‘named’ applicances to give us a cheap quote.

    Have to mention our builder does use Magnet/Howdens as well depending on what the customers wants, so this isn’t to slag them off – just don’t automatically default to them.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Years ago we used them. The standard of workmanship was appalling.


    It’s really tricky to know if you can trust them. I thought about asking the local BM

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    I’ve heard some horror stories, and wasn’t impressed with their quote. I’d definitely go with a local independant if I were you.

    Premier Icon miketually

    We had a Wren kitchen fitted last year. Really good quaility stuff. Price is similar to Ikea. The cabinets are built in the factory too, so it takes less time for your fitter to fit them and you save money.


    I would try Wickes, I have used them to self build our kitchen and I thought the quality was good.

    Also Homebase are going a “beat any quote” deal at the moment.

    I would definitely shop around, an be ruthless in getting them to lower their prices.

    Kitchen pricing is a racket, the original list price can me reduced by 75% and they still make a profit!!


    Kitchen pricing is a racket, the original list price can me reduced by 75% and they still make a profit!!

    Dunno about 75%, as our builder are our (cycling) friends they did the kitchen @ cost, knocking at least 1/3 off the price magnet quotes (unfitted)…7000 grand kitchen would have cost 4.5ish to the builders as std before trying to bargain it lower.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Magnet Kitchens are the same as any other mass produced kitchen supplier.
    If you get a good designer (I did as my mate used to work for them) then the fit and finish will depend entirely on the fitter. If you get a good price from them then it’s much more likely to all turn up on delivery day than a Howdens kitchen.

    I fitted my own and I think it looks awesome (as does everyone else who has seen it). I’d never make money as a kitchen fitter as I spend too long doing everything! I guess you’d always do that with your own.

    p.s. often cheaper to buy electrical items, sinks taps etc online. Just get the carcasses from kitchen supplier.


    We’ve just recently replaced our kitchen and the final decision was between Howden’s and Magnet.

    Salesman from Magnet was very annoying. Howdens bloke was better, but not brilliant. Magnet seem to sell kitchens like double glazing. With Howdens, it’s one price and that’s it, no negotiating.

    The carcasses seem to be the same, but with some of the Magnet kitchens you get a 22mm door instead of 18mm which you get with Howdens.

    We went with Howdens and it seems good. Not sure I’d notice anything different with the extra cash that Magnet wanted.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I have a Magnet kitchen, fitted it myself approx 10 years ago and have been extremely happy with it – still looks brand new. The solid wood Beach worktops are still on their original oil coating and are in great nick.

    NB When I was looking every other month was 50% off, so you’d have to be really daft to pay list price for anything…


    I fitted a Wickes kitchen myself last year…good quality and easy to fit.

    The guy in the shop was very helpful in clarifying and advising on my design, he made some very useful suggestions which I’m glad I went with.


    A bloke here at work, went with a Wren Kitchen (as mentioned above) and is very pleased with it.

    He’s fitting it himself though.


    My Mum & Dad had a Magnet kitchen fitted a couple of years ago and are very happy with it. The installation and final finish will be down to who ever fits it as Magnet probably sub-contract the work.


    anyone walking in off the street pays over the odds for a magnet kitchen even with a discount.
    you need a builder with a trade card the prices are a 1/3 of retail.
    if you drive up in a white van and wear dirty jeans and a sweatshirt covered in paint you might get away with it and not have to show a business card. the trade range is slightly different to the ‘public’ range of kitchens.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Magnet probably sub-contract the work

    Yep they do. Might be worth using their design, having it delivered and sorting out a fitter yourself – especially if you know someone already that you trust to do a good job.


    Another Wickes fan here. I had a local joiner install mine and he was very impressed with the quality of the carcasses and overall finish of the Wickes units.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    With many of the companies offering an all-inclusive service the best move is to let the bloke come round and do the design, keep saying it’s too expensive and wait till the manager rings up a few days later with the much lower price.

    Some companies pass “pitch & misses” over to their so-called trade department after a time (sometimes 2 months) and they will give you a staggering discount. It’s exactly the same kitchen & fitters you were quoted for in the first place.

    We had a new kitchen just before Xmas. In the end I found a local joiner and he installed a Howdens kitchen. A damn sight cheaper than one from one of the big sheds and the quality is a whole lot better IMHO.


    We recently had a new kitchen. We got quotes from Magnet and Homebase, both of which I’d have been happy to use, but neither could supply the range of units in the sizes we wanted. For instance one spot in the room has only 550mm depth for units. Magnet & Homebase don’t have anthing to fit that depth so we’d have ended up using wall units and having a lot less less cupboard space.
    We went for a small local firm in the end (I knew we would, but we had to get seveal quotes to be sure) who could supply exactly what we wanted and could get units made in the sizes we needed. They were a bit cheaper too. Their supplier has been making the same kitchen as ours for 10 years or more and as a result they can make units in odd sizes and designs (units in 100mm width steps: 400,500,600,700 etc, 450mm wide doors) and custom make to fit. (ABC Magnum in Aldershot if you’re interested)
    The key was the 550mm deep tall units near the door in the first pic, and the diagonal corner sink unit, both of which we couldn’t get at the other 2 places, and bigger steps in unit width would have left a 100mm gap at the end to the left of the sink (That’s either a 700 or 900 width unit on the end)
    The units also didn’t need end panelsn either, which add to the cost, as they are made up in the same wood finish from scratch This which helps a lot with fitting and the cheaper cost. End panels seem to be a silly way of doing things to my thinking. The insides of the units are also the same colour as the outside. I fitted the units myself, and the quartz worktop was a pro job.

    IMG_0705 by PeterPoddy, on Flickr

    And the corner sink

    IMG_0714 by PeterPoddy, on Flickr

    Lovely products which depend a little on who instals them, but for me the Magnet trade prices versus ‘public’ prices is a huge (think 60-65% at the moment) eye opener. As usual with home improvment stuff, it’s who you know and how much of their tradesperson’s karma they are prepared to share with you.

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