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  • Magic Mary (Addix) – front – 2.25 or 2.35?
  • aroyalnit

    Payday has come, and given me a small conundrum.

    I have a Hans Dampf on the rear of my full sus. I’m moving the current 2.35 Nobby Nic on the front to my hardtail so I can get a Magic Mary for the front of my full sus.

    Looking at bike-discount (where they’re in stock at a seemingly reasonable price), they have width options of 2.25 and 2.35.

    I’m hoping it’ll give me more grip & confidence in the Aberdeenshire winter slop (primarily Scolty & surrounding areas), which I’m frankly terrible at riding at the moment. I’m much happier in dry conditions 🙂

    Part of me thinks that extra width of 2.35 will give better grip, while part of me thinks 2.25 might bite through the mud better

    So, 2.25 or 2.35….what does STW recommend? 🙂


    running 2.35 on both mine


    The 2.35 isn’t a huge tyre even on a 30 mm rim. It’s like an xc carcass with some big tread blocks

    Unless clearance is an issue and/or weight is important I would recommend the 2.35 up front and maybe a 2.25 on the back.


    2.35 all day long.

    Rose cycles had them cheaper than bike discount the other week.


    Cheers guys, 2.35 has been ordered

    2.8 is awesome.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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