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  • JEngledow

    MBUK & Kerrang!


    my friend had every copy of 2000AD so i didnt need to buy it!!
    i spent my money on Autocar, top gear, fourfourtwo, 90 minutes. as i got older i then “upgraded to stuff like FHM but this was very shortlived.
    i had a huge bike mag collection consisting of MBR (1st issue – 2011), MBUK (1996 – 2011), What Mountain Bike (1st issue – 2009), Mountain Bike Action (1997 – 2007) and of course Singletrack (1st issue – 2011).
    when we moved house 2 years ago my wife made me realise that there wouldnt be any space for them in the new house so i ended up binning the lot of them.
    my music mag collection mainly consisted of Knowledge and ATM magazine (both 1997 – 2010).

    i really wish i’d kept some of the more memorable ones like the 1st issues!!

    Premier Icon tuffty

    Kerrang, Bike, classic bike, angling times 😉 And copies of my dads amateur photographer for all the waps 🙂


    Bicycle Action

    Premier Icon righog

    BMX Bi Weekly, 🙂 now that is niche

    Kerrang, I always remember it was a challenge to scrape the money together, but always a treat to go and collect it from the paper shop.


    RAD, Thrasher (when I could find it) MBUK, Fast Bikes & performance bikes, hedge pron obviously 😉


    Has to be BMX Action Bike for me, still read the odd BMX mag now and I’m bloody 44!

    Oh – and this:

    When I was about 12, I swapped a model Volvo truck; cab, trailer and containers for a copy of Private magazine. That was an addictive piece of literature….

    I have a lot of old issues of CAR magazine, I appear to be incapable of throwing them out…

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    256kb of ram expandable to a massive 512kb. Twp floppy drives and it’s yours for $3900. Bargin.

    I’d just left school and was programming in a assembler on an 8 bit machine that allowed 32kb of addressable memory per user.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    My uncle ran a newsagent so I read loads of different stuff, none of them with the cover on mind you as he had to return them..
    I loved my dads collection of Meccano Magazine the most though.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    RAD mag, Thrasher, Wavelength, Surfer magazine and ASL

    2000ad for me plus I loved Gamesmaster magazine, it used to have swearing in it so I thought it was the absolute pinnacle of cutting edge computer game mags.


    Big Ones…

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Radio Modeller
    Car and car conversions
    New Scientist when it was in black and white with a bit of blue on the cover.
    Scientific American
    Mad Magazine
    I’m just ploughing through this weeks Private Eye. Just realised I’ve Ben reading it every week for around 40 years.
    NME,Sounds the Q and then Mojo ten years later redoing all the early Q stuff for an audience that found Q has got a bit too yoof as they had aged.

    Another vote for RAD. Still lust after the free stickers now…


    SWAT and a lot of already mentioned.

    Magazines pre-internet were so precious, used to read cover to cover more than once including every ad.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    We bought RAD ( the whole thing, not just one issue. ) didn’t work out as planned but spawned the excellent Sidewalk.

    Premier Icon Stuuey

    Mountaineering mag called ‘Mountain’ just a great picture, the name and issue no. on the front cover bit like premier version of ST! Can’t find a picture I can embedd 🙁
    Went out of biz in 1992.

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    Angling times. I also used to love the hidden treasure (porn mags) found in local woods and on railway banks.Today’s teens are spoilt with the internet 🙂


    Look and Learn for me to. Big fan of the Trajan empire.
    Wasn’t Eagles over the Western front in there as well?Loads still in mums attic.
    Moved onto various fishing weeklies then to Mountain when I could get it, Bumbler and Stumbler when I couldn’t and then TMX. Anyone want 4 big blue barrels of the latter?


    actually, that cover still looks s**Thot!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    yeah, I was a crash fan too when I had a Speccy, but then I got a C64. Oliver Frey FTW!


    Metal Forces

    Premier Icon kilo

    Bit sad but;

    Early Days

    Teenage Years

    Hours of fun (or frustration!) typing in code to make very little happen…! I still have my spectrum and printer!

    Shoot – remember the ‘league ladders’?

    Climber (and Rambler) – which dates me by the title!!!

    Various motorbike mags, god knows why as motorbikes were/have been verboten in our family due to past accidents.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Another favourite of mine (still got some of them. Had this one with my bass hero Youth on the cover)

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Jesus! I’d forgotten Zigzag.
    I still have the one with Debbie Harry in her zebra print mini on the cover.
    And Pete Frame’s Family Trees.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby


    (managed to get a cover page from other site)

    1978 ???? cover

    We like it with plenty of violence and adult stuff … :mrgreen:


    Mountain biker international for me, first issue in 1998 when I was 11

    bmx action bike
    bmx bi weekly
    Motocross action


    Eagle. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dan Dare but Charley’s War and Death Wish made me wait by the letter box for it every week.

    Charley’s War was actually in Battle, my dad was the artist. I loved reading the free comics he drew in when l was a kid. Tiger, Lion, Cor! Buster and Battle amongst others.He was the first artist of Roy Of Roy Of The Rovers too. He is now regarded by some as one of the best comic artists of his era. Such a shame he didn’t get any recognition in his lifetime.

    DezB I have the space spinner. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. No comic though , my mum gave them all to a scout jumble without telling me. Infact I went and thought that someone like me had the lot and had donated them!

    For the op….

    Shiver n’ Shake

    As I got older….

    Skateboard scene
    Street machine



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