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  • Magavalanche course…. Can I ride it?
  • Premier Icon alpin

    I mean  can I ride it without doing the Magavalanche event? i.e. is the track accessible/open throughout the summer or can you only reach the top during the event?

    Hob Nob

    Yes you can. Well, you always used to be able to.

    As long as the Pic Blanc lift is running of course.

    Premier Icon scuttler

    Yeah but you miss out on the music, the noise of the helicopter and being smashed into by a bunch of angry Europeans so whats the point?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’ve done it, not in the race, was brilliant. Was 6 or 7 years ago now but IIRC the mega route was signposted, but that might’ve been because we were there 10 or so days after the actual event.

    Piste EN1



    The signposts look fairly permenant but how well they survive being under the snow all winter I don’t know. Maybe best to go just after rather than just before for ease of navigation but otherwise the trails are permenant, although may be snow-covered.

    Actually why not just do the race? You’re going there anyway, the entry fee was, if I remember right, about E170 or something, which included lift passes for the week, you won’t get a lift pass for that. More importantly, it is one of the best races I’ve ever done, despite it being that really, really wet one in 2014 and me being totally out of my depth, my first ever DH race of any kind. Fantastic atmosphere, loads of nice folks from all over, had a great time.

    I’m a half-decent 24hr racer so probably one of the fitter ones there but also one of the least technically competent. I achieved my target (ie. qualified!) and got to do it, huge fun. Anyway, point is, even if like me you are not a DH rider and think it might be a bit beyond you just go for it, you might surprise yourself.


    Yes you can, I did exactly that last Summer. Plus there is plenty more cool stuff on trailforks to explore to the extent that I actually preferred it to the times Iv been and raced. Not quite the same excitement and fear of death of course but if I am honest probably a more enjoyable experience.

    Premier Icon alpin

    the entry fee was, if I remember right, about E170 or something, which included lift passes for the week

    As someone mentioned above, getting run into by the bunch might end up costing me more in repairs to the bike!

    Besides, would be with my lady and she’s not a racer. If I were going with the lads it would be a different matter!

    Premier Icon wool

    Did on a Orange Aluminium Elite no suspension and 150mm long stem more than a few years ago. Plenty of signage, top fun so fill yer boots.


    Yep my wife and I did it outside the race a year ago. Frankly there is much better riding in the Alpes, but good to go and ride the Pic Blanc lift and ride down. basically it is a gravel road at the top with some chunky gravel and then some singletrack with bigger rocks.
    Out of the alpine bit into the grassy section is fun and the section below the village is rooty and greasy and pretty chopped up.

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