Madeira . . . Talk to me.

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  • Madeira . . . Talk to me.
  • Thinking Madeira for the honeymoon, anyone been?

    Reids = WIN! Class hotel.

    Lovely food out there. You do like fish, I hope…..

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    briefly. seemed nice enough. full of oldies.


    Big cliffs, very deep sea, fortified wine and a cake

    Other than that, no idea


    A man walks into a Scottish bakers and asks for the prices of three similar confections.

    “Ah, that one is £1.20, that one is also £1.20 and the other is £20.”

    “But they look the same? What’s the difference?”

    “Ah”, says the baker, “That’s madeira cake.”

    Thank you, I’m here all week, try the lamb it’s great!

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    I really liked it. VERY steep, didn’t see many cyclists but you can see why. Quiet, as said a popular destination with the more mature. Night life seems to centre around restaurants. From memory the bars are almost all restaurants, though in a eat and drink or just drink, sort of way. No night clubs (I suspect there may be but I wasn’t looking for them, so what not a Ibiza type thing at all).

    If you like greenery, walking, countyside and are not a club/pub-a-holic I’d recommend it. Worth taking a trip up in to the peaks if you go. And there are some fantastic estates in the hills above Funchal, almost all owned by the various wine houses. We took a bus up to one, did the gardens and then walked back down in to Funchal via the levadas back in to town. Excellent walk (about from clenching from a case of the squits). There are some really nice Tea Houses that just seem to appear as you come round a corner. Worth a stop for refreshment and a rest.

    Both my sister and me had the squits when we were there. Not terrible and always appeared to be in the night (apart from the last day). We both suspect it may be the water and would advise not having ice in drinks. Most water seems to be bottled for drinking. I’m not convinced it is unsanitary water in particular. My family all have sensitive tums, I think it may well simply have been maybe different mineral content or something.

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    Had a fortnight there a few years back. Lovely island, was very warm even in October. We had a great hotel 4*, which we were allocated on arrival (late booking). The landing and take off is one of the more interesting I’ve experienced. Great walking, public transport goes all over. We had upset guts too for the last 3 days of our hols, put it down to a trip to a local food establishment on a trip from the tour company. Was one of the most relaxing hols we’ve had as there wasn’t that much to do for two weeks.

    Anyone else do / teach CLAIT?

    CLAIT wrote:


    Madeira is the principal island of a small archipelago of six islands. Only one of the other islands, Porto Santo, is inhabited, as the three arid islands to the south-east and the three reclaimed islands near the Canaries are too dry to support a permanent population.

    In 1985 the population of Porto Santo was about 3,500 people and that of Madeira about 260,000 people, of which appropriately 100,000 people lived in the capital Funchal.

    Madeira enjoys an excellent climate, with a very small variation in temperature throughout the year. This is due mainly to the Gulf Stream, which almost encircles the island. The pleasant climate is responsible for the variety and vigour of the flora, for which the island is noted.

    Most of the rain falls in winter on the northern and western parts. The capital Funchal, in the south, has very little rainfall. Nevertheless no part of the island suffers from a lack of water at any season due to the ingenious network of irrigation channels called ‘levadas’.


    Anyone else do / teach CLAIT?

    No idea what it is TBH

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    Went walking there a couple of years ago – as others have said, very friendly, great climate, good food and great scenery. The walking is superb, but some of the Levadas can be a be a bit exposed if you’a coward like me.
    Taxis and buses are both cheap.

    The downside is that is very, very quiet, doesn’t have much nightlife outside the restaurants and has no natural sandy beaches.


    no beaches, very green vegetation, a few golf courses, lots of classy hotels.

    It has a short runway where the plane has to put the brakes on pretty sharpish and has to refuel at the next island after taking off as they can’t carry enough fuel as they need to be light to take off on the short runway.

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