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  • made to measure tweed suit, anyone ?
  • ton
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    i need a suit, got 2 weddings coming up.
    last owned a suit over 10 years ago, and it was binned a while ago.
    so i am gonna treat myself to a harris tweed suit. because i alwayswanted one, and can now afford one, and feel that i am old and grey enough to carry one off.

    so, has anyone had one made to measure ?
    who did you use ?
    and were they good ?
    are you happy with it ?


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    I bought off the peg from a good shop recently. Got my kilt made to measure at the same time so the suit had to be off the peg. Still buying and more importantly wearing made to measure suit should be a real pleasure. Hope you enjoy it.

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    Had one years ago – loved it; extent of trouser lining is important as tweed can be itchy.
    Lead time for full bespoke is much longer than made to measure and also more expensive.
    Have never used a tailor in leeds but am aware of Michelsberg and Des Merrion (expensive).
    I’ve used Andrew Musson in Lincoln as I live in the area.

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    Might be worth while giving Carl Stuart taylors in Ossett a ring.

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    Recent thread, lots of choices in West Yorks

    Bespoke suits – northern England

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    Got my kilt made to measure at the same time

    That’s the answer @ton. Get yourself a kilt and jacket. There’s even a Craig tartan.

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    Nah go lowlander get Trews and a jacket.

    how to pack large pictures

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    I bought a Magee tweed suit in Bakewell, off the peg but had the trousers adjusted. Fits perfectly and £600 (8yrs ago in the sale) very well spent. Magee tweeds are not so rough.

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    Moon Fabrics are made close to you @ton, they do some lovely wool and tweed fabrics that are used by a lot of tailors

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    I have a lovely three peace from my grand gather that fits well.

    The only thing I will add is make sure it’s not really traditional tweed, my one is so thick I can only ware it outside in winter! I liv it but it is so warm it is a true country man’s suit

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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