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  • jfeb

    I’ve found a few companies that do made-to-measure waterproof jackets. And pHd make made-to-measure down jacket. But I can’t find anyone who makes made-to-measure synthetic jackets.

    Anyone know of a company doing this?


    PHD are doing Thinsulate now. Give em a bell.


    I know that phd only offer the down in a customisable range, but they tend to be a flexible company and I have asked them to do one offs that are not on offer and while it may cost a little more, they are generally willing to help out.

    Email them and explain what you want, best to let them know the fabrics and colourways you want as if they have to buy them in it will cost more or you can ask them if they are carrying any fabrics of a similar nature.

    They use both thinsulate and primaloft and they use H2S which is waterproof

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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