Made in Chelsea – what's it for?

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  • Made in Chelsea – what's it for?
  • rascal

    Waiting for Peep Show to start last night and found myself watching MIC for first time (about 2 minutes).
    Couldn’t work out what it is…seems to be a hybrid of a soup/documentary/look-at-me pile of sh*te.
    Lots of awkward staring at each other and occasional looking at the camera…what did these vacuous idiots do before the show started?
    Truly awful and never to be repeated.

    Premier Icon binners

    Your wrong. Its actually the most subversive programme ever made.

    If they managed to get it shown on prime time, so that millions saw what vacuous, utterly pointless, awash-with-cash morons the class system in this country has produced, we’d have the yearned-for revolution in a matter of seconds. Proper heads on spikes and torching houses stuff!!!

    Bring it on!


    Doh…I meant ‘soap’ not ‘soup’ 🙄

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Cheap tv innit. Possibly higher production values than “normal” soaps, but nothing ever happens so it must be cheaper to film that Hollyoaks, etc.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    It’s for the coming zombie apocalypse, when the undead start to rise from their subterranean tombs we will have free reign to eradicate all the useless **** “who desire to be famous for being orange” as shown on that program, kind of an early heads up on who to attack first.

    (May i add i do not own a TV but my neighbour watches it and i had the misfortune of catching a 5 min clip)

    “Oh sorry officer i sincerely thought they were brain dead zombies that’s why i looped their heads off and passed their twitching useless carcasses through an industrial shredder”

    “Ok son…cary on the good work – death (yet again!) to the zombies”

    After a tiring day standing about outside a hospital with some posh folks inside watching nothing happen, what’s better than to sit in front of a telly with some posh folks on it watching nothing happen?


    it either makes me either pro gun or anti gun depending how short term my thinking is when I catch a glimpse of it.” Ah look think of the pleasure I would get shooting them ” or ” if I had a gun i’d never resist the urge to kill one or two of them then I would get banged up good job I don’t have a gun”

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