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  • MAcbook Air Itunes & iPod issue
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Hi All, just replaced my 12 year old desktop PC with a Macbook Air.
    Having an issue with iTunes and my iPod classic.

    I transferred all my music over from my old PC which was fairly easy (already backed up on a HD).

    The problem is that I can’t get my iPod to sync with the Air – when I connect it shows up in the side bar – but only gives me the option to transfer purchases from my iPod and not sync.

    I don’t even get the option to restore the iPod.

    When I did this a couple of years back with the wifes old laptop and a macbook it worked ok.

    Could it be because i didn’t use the migrate function when transffering everything over?


    Premier Icon somouk

    The migrate may be the issue as the backups and authorisation for use may be on the old machine still.

    Been a long time since I’ve used iTunes with an iPod but you could consider resetting it and then plugging it in fresh to the air. Alternatively if you still have the old machine try and migrate it.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Some flippin’ setting for syncing was unchecked – took me a while to find it as it wasn’t where I expected it to be.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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