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  • Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    And who was it that said high speed memory was out of the question for micro-ATX?,23053.html

    Premier Icon molgrips

    A machine that’s scrap after two years

    Of course, every PC is scrap after two years… ๐Ÿ™„ My i7 work laptop is gonna die in 6 months then apparently… oops… better order another.

    Perhaps you just buy crappy PCs?

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Actually, how many people have PC laptops that are more than 4 or 5 years old?

    I have a 2004 Toshiba, but even that’s gone through 2 hard discs and a processor [Celeron P4 was actually unusably slow at 2.6GHz?!!]

    I don’t know any others that haven’t died after 2-4 years. I know of 2 G4 Ti-books still running from 01-04.

    OTOH both my G3 iBooks died from logic board failure – but I’d say that’s the exception.


    Most of my computer equipment is “ancient”…

    Main PC = 2008 era kit, running OSX 10.8

    Laptop 1 = 2009 Toshiba, running Win 8

    Laptop 2 = 2006 Dell Lattitude D530, running OSX 10.7


    2008 MacBook is my oldest. Admittedly with a few upgrades. 8GB RAM (Apple say it’ll only take 4GB ๐Ÿ˜€ ), SSD and a 640GB drive where the superdrive once was. Runs like a dream, but has nothing on my MacMini.


    I’ve got a Thinkpad T20 from 2000 ish still in daily use. Have lots of older stuff than that knocking about but none really used any more, I just have a soft spot for the Thinkpad ๐Ÿ˜€ (and no, that’s not a reference to its clit mouse thingy ๐Ÿ˜› )


    Funnily enough the last time I had to restart this Win7 machine was when iTunes updated.

    I don’t think I’ve ever obeyed iTunes’ demands for immediate restarts on Mac or PC, and I don’t seem to have died yet…

    Well, I suppose I could have ignored it, it was probably just so it could restart the iTunes update service or something. Still, wasn’t particularly busy at the time, and there’s always the risk that the bloody thing’s going to be popping up restart messages from here to eternity unless you Obey. So I did.

    … and PCs dead at 2 years??? That’s some real cheap bargain basement crap that IT department’s buying!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    last laptop was 6 years old, current desktop is more but an evolution rather than a replace purchase.

    Previous workstations in the office were 4+

    It’s amazing as it’s all made from the same stuff inside ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Sold my Sony Laptop aged about 5-6 years.
    My MacBook is 6 years old next month, but I gave up on that 2-3 years ago. 2 dead batteries, and really CBA to get yet another (battery or Mac). Otherwise it works just fine.
    My Netbook is fractionally younger, and gets used all the time.

    So imho, my Mac was closer to scrap and no longer fully supported after 4 years or so than any other PC I’ve owned.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Had some time so watched the Apple Developer keynote address yesterday – very interesting but be warned its nearly 2 hours including all the demos link here

    Some great advances (in order of my interest)

    Apple TV / latest OS upgrade (Maverick named after a surf spot in California) can drive your tv as a fully functional screen – for me this will be very very useful – I already run my old MacMini connected to tv which is great for movies, bike and ski videos via Vimeo / YouTube and I read my email and browse web that way. I don’t see why apple would make a tv when for ยฃ100 you just connect up and apple tv to any hdmi tv

    Maverick has some very cool new changes to finder with content tagged and searchable over all devices and clue immediately, nice changes to Safari too. Much improved battery life due to OS efficiency – new MacBook Air now all day battery

    New phone and iPad OS looks very nice with some very useful improvements in functionality and efficiency plus the usual very cool graphic/interface tweaks

    Re kit lifespan discussion above we were a family of windows devices (5 laptops, 2 desktops, Nokia phones) 6 years ago, the windows stuff was always crashing and the hardware used to die after 1-3 years. Now whole family is apple phones, laptops and desktops. All that kit is still running (phones get upgraded as per contracts every 1-2 years) oldest MacBook is 6 years my daughter who has it now is fed up with it and wishes it would die so she can have a new one, my MacMini is 4 years old – I will replace it for a new one soon as 160gb disk and 2gb ram doesn’t cut it anymore and I want to run the latest OS – it will be retired / given to one of the kids. iPad 1 still going strong but if I have the money will be upgraded next year when it will be 4 years old (I think)


    who was it that said high speed memory was out of the question for micro-ATX?

    Nobody did. It was fast ECC memory.


    Actually, how many people have PC laptops that are more than 4 or 5 years old?

    Yep, mines at least 5 years old on all original hardware still. And my desktop was bought in 2008, runs osx/fcp and other apple programs better than my mates imac as its better specced ๐Ÿ˜†

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Actually, how many people have PC laptops that are more than 4 or 5 years old?



    Best value for money? A machine that’s scrap after two years, or a machine that’s still in use twelve years on?

    Best value for money?

    An repairable grey box with PC components in it for ยฃ500.

    A sealed grey box with identical PC components in it, with a picture of an apple on the front, for ยฃ2000?

    Never broken a PC here, don’t know how you can really, bits break, you fix them for minimal cost. If your chain fell off would it be new bike time? Use Windows 7 at work and home, haven’t had a crash for… must be a couple of years now.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Or is the power button on the back?

    You teabag the top indentation and it turns on.


    ๐Ÿ˜† sold!

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