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  • Premier Icon crispo

    Never ridden any of the 7 stanes around Dumfries way. Looking to organise to meet a friend from Edinburgh for the day around there so was thinking of maybe doing Ae in the morning then Mabie in the afternoon. Are the reds good? Is it fairly do-able to ride both in a day? I’m coming from Preston and he is from Edinburgh so somewhere fairly close to the motorway would be good!

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    They’re ok – Ae a bit average really but still well worth riding if you’ve not been there before, and prob a good choice given the current weather / trail conditions.
    Comfy in a day – Ae is the longer of the two so you could do that first then drive down for lunch around Mabie.


    Not a fan of Ae, I leave it feeling like something’s missing every time.
    I would do Dalbeattie and Mabie instead, which are right beside each other

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It’s not so much that Ae’s bad, it’s just that it’s close to Dalbeattie and Drumlanrig and they are better.

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Mabie and Dalbeattie are fairly close together. Done both of them in a day. If last winter is anything to go by then some bits of Mabie will be very muddy.

    + 1 for Dalbeattie & Mabie.

    Both excellent, definitely my 2 favourite trail centres.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    Premier Icon Trekster

    All 3 mentioned are my locals, just in from a night ride @ Mabie. Currently some diversions in place due to forestry works/felling.

    Some people find Dalbeattie difficult due to its rocky nature and moan about the lack of “flow” and not much in the way of descents(there are no big hills)

    Some as above have a dislike of Ae?

    Being local I have come across more people who like both Ae & Dalbeattie than those who mump & moan on here!! 🙄

    At a steady pace you can get round any of the 3 in a couple of hours.

    Cafe @ Ae(winter hours atm)but none at Dalbeattie or Mabie.

    Can suggest a few eating options if required?

    Coming from Preston miss the Gretna turn off and take the next one at Lockerbie. It’s possible to take to the country back roads over to Ae but this may not be any faster than main road then cutting across to Ae via Locharbriggs.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Is there not a wee cafe in someones conservatory at Dalbeattie John?. As above, Dalbeattie doesn’t have big hills, but does have some really good rocky trails. It’s a great place to stop and session stuff.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Thanks for all the views so far. I guess any trail centre has people who like and dislike any given trail. I guess any 2 out of the 3 sounds like it would be good for a big day. Any recommendations for somewhere to get a good butty in between would be good too. I think rocky could be good if the weather is really crappy.

    I’ve been to Ae a couple of times recently because it’s relatively close (1 hr from Brampton) and it’s fairly weatherproof. I really like it – it’s much improved of late. Good café, too.
    I think I once criticised Drumlanrig on here a couple of years ago and was torn to pieces, but I still stand by what I said then. Too slow and too rooty. I’ll get my coat …..

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    If you could ride roots properly you’d be faster and wouldn’t need your coat.


    We easily wasted a couple of hours at Ae just riding the DH trails and the last (red?) section called Omega Man, brilliant if you’re into jumps and berms.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Too slow and too rooty. I’ll get my coat …..

    Here’s your duffle and bobble hat, don’t trip up on your woollen mitts threaded through the sleeves, and tie your shoelaces, remember your scarf and perhaps think about selling your hybrid and buy something more appropriate…..

    Meant in jest, 😉


    All personal opinion of course, so dont savage me !
    I organised a group trip up to Scotland, (GT and Innerleithen) last summer. Coming from North Wales, we know a fair bit about half decent trail centres and natural riding as well, but wanted to experience something different. Did a Friday – Sunday and chose to do one of the 7 stanes centres on the way up, chose AE because of the easy location from the M74. Needless to say other than the Omega Man final descent (which I’d describe as OK) and the Shredder downhill trail, the rest was totally dreary and forgettable. We had a great weekend in the end because we all thought Glentress and Innerleithen were excellent, but going to AE was a massive disappointment. We are doing a similar weekend this summer, and going to Dalbeattie instead.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    FYI Drumlanrig was unrideable based on the last report I got. Lots of trees down and no plan to clear them until spring, unless they’ve brought that forward?

    Duffle and bobble hat sounds good. I always thread my mittens through my sleeves, doesn’t everyone? My mum told me to do it in the 50s.

    I just prefer Ae to Drumlanrig. OK? Anyway, that cool-looking mobility scooter (how much would you want one of those if you needed that sort of thing!?)would never get round those slippy roots at Drumlanrig.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    I think Mabie is cracking, especially at midnight with the lights on. 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    failedengineer – Member

    Anyway, that cool-looking mobility scooter (how much would you want one of those if you needed that sort of thing!?)would never get round those slippy roots at Drumlanrig.

    Pff, you’re just saying that because you lack the epic scooter skillz to do it.

    (Kielder has a difficulty guide for all their trails, one of the blue trails says “if you’re on a mobility scooter, make sure it’s fully charged”!)

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