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  • M4 vs XT – in terms of power?
  • ozzybmx

    i have had … in this order , juicy 5, shimano LX , juicy 7 , elixir R, elixir CR, shimano XT , hope tech M4’s.

    I have spent a lot of cash in the last 2 years and listened to a lot of people …. i have hit the nail on the head for AM riding .


    I have never had maguras but have heard many many good reports , might give them a go at some stage ….. if the hopes EVER FAIL !


    71 degree slope without either slipping or falling over forwards.

    useless analogy.

    there are more than brakes involved, tyres and technique are imo more important. what tyre pressure is the op’s fella running and what tyres. I’m always shocked by the high pressure that people run on there bikes, and how pants this makes braking power. if he’s running more than 30psi he needs to let them down.

    the trick to gaining more braking power is to gain more traction so that you can use power that would normally lock up the wheels, and to throw the bodyweight backwards so that power that would normally throw you off the front of the bike will stop you.

    if the brakes don’t lock up on gravel/ tarmac then somethings wrong.


    I have a mini on the rear of mine, 165 – takes a lot of finger force for me to lock it up and it’s lined up to a T with new pads. I can actually see the caliper flex under braking – was never confidence inspiring and wouldnt use one up front. They just dont cope with my mass – my mate has borrowed my bike and found no problems with them but he is almost literally half my weight. My DH4 however is a different matter and I’d disagree with TJ, based on that one alone, that not all of hopes brakes exchange bite for modulation – the DH4 bites really nicely but also is very smoothly adjustable – its the best brake I’ve ever had on a bike.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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