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  • Lyrik Lower Leg Service Question
  • Premier Icon oikeith
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    Took on the lower leg service of my Lyrik last night and it was much easier then I expected! I followed the SRAM service video but did have an issue towards the end.

    In the video when re-assembling the fork and going to put in the new oil, the video advises to rotate the bike upside down in the work stand, even though I have a decent stand, it wouldn’t hold the bike in that position, I resorted to standing the bike upside down on the floor which wasn’t the best, how are others getting the fork upside down to add the oil?

    Premier Icon qwerty
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    I always remove the fork from the bike (and brake from the fork) when performing a lower leg service as I find it much easier to handle.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    I generally drop the fork off the bike and clamp them in the workstand – easy enough to rotate then.
    You don’t need to fully invert the fork – as long as they’re above horizontal you should be fine – so standing bike on back wheel should suffice.
    But it is way easier with them off the bike.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder
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    standing the bike upside down on the floor

    This. It’s secure, it won’t kill the bike, or you.

    The best way to do it not like this is take the forks out of the frame and clamp them in the stand.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Yep, I typically remove the fork as well. That way, you get a free headset service thrown it.

    Having said that, my feedback sport stand will happily hold the bike at odd angles, especially if I remove the wheels.

    Premier Icon oikeith
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    Thank you for the replies, I’m somewhat adverse to dropping the forks out of the bike as its a faf, but will try the rear wheel out and rotate in stand and if that fails it’ll be fork out time.

    One other niggle was reinserting the foam rings, they kept wanting to twist when getting close to fully reseating them, is there a secret technique to stop this or is it just keep trying till they go in?

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    If you use a workstand, front end down is best or the weight will cause it to spin about the seat post.

    I use seal picks for the foam rings. Be gentle though, don’t year them. If you spin them in the recess, they tend to straighten out.

    Dropping the fork really isn’t that much extra effort.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    I always drop the fork – it’s much easier. That said my Park stand would rotate the whole bike fine and hold it in position. My previous cheapie eBay stand wouldn’t.

    Foam rings I usually just soak them in lower leg lube then push them into place either my fingers. Sometime you need to fiddle with them for a while to get them straight / seated in correctly but I can’t say I’ve ever found it an issue. Everytime I do a lower leg service I tend to put new ones in.

    Premier Icon mjsmke
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    Usually just put the bike upside down kn the floor to add the lower leg oil.

    Or, as other said take the forks off the bike. Good opportunity to give the headset a clean at the same time.

    Premier Icon steel4real
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    Similar here – rotate bike in stand to just past vertical with rear wheel in (Park Stand) so fork is tipped up but not vertical.

    Only remove fork for the ‘full’ or 200 hour service, so every fourth one on RockShoxand service headset at the same time.

    Use a plastic pick to set the foam rings straight, much less chance of scratching or tearing.

    Plastic pick

    Premier Icon BillOddie
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    For the sake of undoing and doing up 5 allen key bolts (2 on the brake, 1 headset and stem) you’d be mad to do a fork lower service with the forks still on the bike.

    If you are leaving the forks on, you’re removing both wheels and the brake pads from both brakes right?

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