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  • Lyme disease 10 year old son results have come back positive…
  • …as if his life isn’t hard enough already – hes got ADHD (medicated) and Autism

    Doctor called me this morning to say results are positive, he has already had 3 weeks of medication in September, GP calling me back later to discuss next move, he is going to speak to pediatrics.

    I know full well of the destruction of Lyme as my brother has spent the last 6 years living with the vile disease.

    Myself and wife along with our eldest son who is 12 are suffering all in our own different ways this is just with the ADHD/ASD now another shit obstacle to deal with.

    oh well taking the boys to Comic con tomorrow should cheer us up !


    My thoughts are with you all.

    Must be tough…. Comic Con sounds fun 🙂

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    That sucks. Thoughts are with you.

    What’s your outfit for comicom?

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    Was he treated & tested because of symptoms or “just” because you found a tick and maybe a rash?

    What test has he had?

    If it’s the standard test(s) then they’re looking for antibodies, not living bugs, and will show positive at least for a while even after a successfully treated infection. I’m not suggesting that everything’s fine as I’ve no idea of your lad’s history but don’t panic; wait for the advice of the docs. Do a bit of reading and ask some questions about how they know what they are telling you but he may well be OK.

    I heard a talk a few years ago by a former head of the Lyme reference lab that was in Southampton – she had been part of a study that looked at antibodies in New Forest workers and residents and almost all the forestry workers (bar one, I think) were positive, as were a big %ge of residents. They were all symptom-free. If you get the appropriate treatment (and it sounds like he did) then I think you probably have to be unlucky to develop ongoing symptoms.

    [Other opinions are available, conflicting and all over the internet. It’s a bloody confusing subject and I’m not pretending to be any sort of expert]


    I had Lyme disease once a few years ago, took the antibiotics and felt much better. I honestly believe it is nothing to worry about and fully agree with this article a friend of mine is a specialist consultant with infectious diseases and does not believe chronic lyme exists. Take the antibiotics and your son will be fine.


    OP – try not to be too defeatist before you actually know the full outcome. Certainly do not outwardly let your son become aware of your concerns

    I’d add my voice to the other reassuring ones.

    This disease has been around for 60,000 years and was only discovered in 1977. So the vast majority of people have been getting it and defeating it with our own natural defences forever. In addition to his own immune system the the OP’s son has already had the full 3 week antibiotic treatment and has shown no symptoms since then.

    Overwhelming likelihood is that this has all ended well already.

    Good luck OP, the odds are very strongly in your favour on this one.

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