Lycra shorts for a 6 day bikepacking trip. Recommendations?

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  • Lycra shorts for a 6 day bikepacking trip. Recommendations?
  • Premier Icon PolisherMan

    All my current shorts are a bit threadbare, so looking for bib shorts between £50-100.

    Got some DHB ones, which are ok for a few hours but then start chafing….


    Rivelo Honister – £50 from Sports Pursuit. Only had mine a few weeks, but they are super comfy and well recommended.

    Premier Icon rosscopeco

    I’ve got the same issue with DHB ones but found that plenty of assos chamois creme sorted out all the chaffing. Looking forward to hear what others think are good.

    The newish Enduro ones look handy especially with the different chamois sizes now….why hasn’t someone offered this before?!


    Personal favourites are Sportful Total Comfort bib shorts, can be found under £100 sometimes, fantastic shorts and really good pad

    Premier Icon iainc

    Endura FS260 Pro worn for a 4 day trip end of May here, paired with MTR baggies – very comfy throughout.


    Unless going completely unsupported, I’d carry a spare pair and wash a pair each night, wring-out and let dry during the day and certainly some chamois cream with good astringent properties applied liberally each day. Sportful Total Comfort is probably the best seat-pad I’ve tried for all-day use, but prefer something a bit more breathable for warm, summer days.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I did seven hot consecutive 12-hour days in a pair of old DHBs earlier this year. Yours for £40. Just let me know if you want me to wash them first.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Endura FS260 Pro ……….. paired with Endura Zyme baggies – very comfy.

    My best, long ride combination. Other Endura padded shorts are OK for short rides.


    I alternated between some Scott lycra shorts and Specialized RBX (both just lycra short, not full bibs) with baggies on top for a 21 day bike packing trip.

    6 days you might be ok but I basically wore one pair, washed the other overnight then strapped them to the front of my bike to dry during the day (weather permitting) ready to swap for the the following day.

    I’m a big fan of Alpkit stuff in general but their lycra shorts aren’t great. Padding is massive and they make you feel like you’ve crapped yourself. YMMV.

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